Cornwall LivingIssue #71

Refresh Porthleven

People in Porthleven are getting very serious about stopping waste plastic getting into the sea. If you see a Refill sticker in the window of a café or pub or restaurant, you know they will cheerfully refill your re-usable water bottle.

If you take your bamboo coffee cup into practically anywhere that sells coffee they will give you a discount, and if you have neither cup nor bottle you can buy really cool, newly designed, Refresh Porthleven bottles and cups. Origin Coffee have now joined the long list of places that are stocking them, so it’s really, really easy to stop buying plastic, using it once and throwing it away.

“Get Involved and Have Fun!”

Dai Lawton, Refresh Porthleven’s highly charismatic surfer- spokesperson said, “We’re overwhelmed by the positive response to our anti-plastic campaign and the way businesses are supporting it. Now the season‘s here, there’s the opportunity for local people to get more involved. We need volunteers to help us get Plastic-free status, for our stall at events such as the Food Festival and Lifeboat Day, and also for our Surfers Against Sewage beach and harbour clean on the 15th April. If you’re keen, then get in touch and get involved!”

Nicky Yeo, another member who lives in the port said “Now we know only 9% of all the plastic that’s ever been made gets recycled, we have to change our habits. It’s great that you can actually do something, when you care about stopping the damage.”

To join the beach clean on April 15th just turn up on the morning, or to join the rota for the Food Festival or get more information, email: . You can also Message the group on Facebook.

“Get Involved and Have Fun!”