Cornwall LivingIssue #143

Relax and rejuvenate

Handcrafted and sustainably made, the traditional shepherd huts that hail from Pumphrey and Weston have made quite a name for themselves here in the south west, each one made by the hands of founders, Mike Pumphrey and Byron Weston, with help from Ollie and Duncan. Having recently expanded their product line to include sauna cabins and sauna shepherd huts, the four-man team is unlocking a whole new level of luxury, ready to provide the ultimate relaxation experience.

The first benefit of sauna cabins and sauna shepherd huts comes to rental property owners who can attract more tenants looking for a relaxing break. Not only this but establishments in the hospitality industry, especially hotels and resorts aiming to create distinctive and memorable experiences, can use these as a way to contribute to a wild spa, attracting guests seeking something unique and relaxing, set within nature.

These aren’t limited to commercial use, however, but personal use too; if you are a health enthusiast then you may find the idea of a sauna in your garden appealing, especially when you look into its health benefits and contribution to your overall wellbeing. Beyond the relaxation and stress relief that comes with sauna sessions, individuals can enjoy improved circulation, detoxification and relief from muscle tension. They can also promote skin health, improve sleep quality and give you the freedom and convenience of accessing these benefits whenever you need, without having to visit a spa.

Sauna cabins and sauna shepherd huts feature high-quality home-grown larch which has been charred using the traditional Japanese method of Shou Sugi Ban. This protects the materials and reduces maintenance requirements so your sauna is guaranteed to last. Upon entering you are welcomed by a cosy interior adorned with calming lighting, comfortable seating and a traditional wood-burning or electric sauna stove. Designed to maximise heat retention, the craftsmanship, comfort and wellness of these saunas offer a private sanctuary for those seeking the ultimate method of relaxation and rejuvenation.

This expansion from Pumphrey and Weston not only caters to the diverse range of businesses and individuals looking for new ways to unwind, but aligns with the growing interest in health and wellness so both you and your guests can relax in peace.

Pumphrey and Weston

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