Cornwall LivingIssue #76

Renew your lifestyle

With all the dietary and lifestyle advice out there, why is it that so many of us start something, see results and then fall off the wagon?

Most of us know what we should be doing when it comes to weight loss, stress relief or stopping smoking, but few of us do it. This is the very real issue that Cornish based coaching practice Renewu addresses to help clients achieve and sustain long lasting changes.

Renewu offers a range of options to clients: all inclusive five-day residential retreats, one-hour weekly coaching sessions (face-to-face or by phone), and intensive one-to-one residential programmes.

Jill Wright, founder of Renewu takes a holistic view of body and mind. A key element to her approach is to look at people’s self-beliefs; to identify those that are not helping her clients and holding them back from getting the results they want. This can be applied to any health and wellness goal, whether it’s weight loss, stopping smoking, boosting energy or reducing stress. By focusing on what clients see as the future versions of themselves, Jill helps them to make this a reality they can believe in and start to make happen now. Jill couples this with advice on how, when, why and what to eat. She does stress that this is not about dieting, but about eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, introducing movement to their day and relaxation techniques. This sets them up for inevitable success and turns these healthy habits into behaviours that last.

“All coaching offers a safe, non-judgemental and nurturing environment for clients to start their transformational journey.”

As well as exploring the self-beliefs and eating habits that hold people back from keeping off those extra pounds, the retreats include complimentary treatments and activities, such as reflexology, massage and movement, helping people to relax and unwind. Jill explains: “The changes that are introduced are simple and easy to sustain. I’m passionate that the experience should be enjoyable and not tortuous.”

This is evident in the fact that Jill insists on serving what she calls ‘normal, everyday food’. “People should leave feeling refreshed, revived and committed to a healthier, more positive lifestyle. Clients are amazed at the impact the coaching has on all aspects of their lives – they find they feel good about the way they look, which can strengthen their romantic relationships, and their confidence can give them the impetus to start to drive their career forward again. The boost in energy also means they have more quality time with their kids. The positive results are far reaching and long lasting.”



Visit to learn about the different health and wellness coaching options, or to book yourself onto the retreat from 8th until 12th October, which will be hosted in a luxurious home on the Helford river. Prices start from £1,750 for five days.

"All coaching offers a safe, non-judgemental and nurturing environment for clients to start their transformational journey."