Cornwall LivingIssue #98

The renewable revolution

Working to help Cornish homeowners fight back and take control of the way they power their homes, we catch up with Neil at GreenGenUK.

For years, homes in Cornwall have paid a premium for their energy simply for being where they are. With large parts of Cornwall off the gas grid, oil, LPG and direct electric systems have led to higher bills and a higher carbon footprint.

Now, thanks to GreenGenUK and the renewable revolution, solar and air source heating is blazing the trail for cheaper, friendlier heat and power. Not only can homes offset their energy use through solar self-generation, but by switching to an air source heat pump, homes can completely eradicate their oil or gas use.

Neil Rollinson, GreenGenUK’s Sales & Marketing Manager, explains the impact renewables are having throughout Cornwall. “Until recently, there weren’t many options for Cornwall’s property owners. If you weren’t in the main towns, you almost certainly had oil or night storage for your heating, and you paid more for the privilege.

“Solar PV has been around for years,” continues Neil, “and is a great way to offset higher electricity usage. Air source heating, on the other hand, provides a level playing field, by eradicating demand from harmful, expensive fuels.”

We learn that, typically, a home heated by air source and powered by solar will run for less than half the cost of what an oil-heated home would. And with the government subsidising the switch via schemes such as the Renewable Heating Incentive, both solar and air-source systems promise to pay for themselves.

Since opening in 2011, GreenGenUK has been responsible for helping hundreds of Cornish homeowners find sustainable ways to heat and power their homes. To see how the team can help and to join the renewable led revolution, be sure to get in touch with Neil and the team!



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