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Currently running a huge half-price sale, now’s the time to improve the way you sleep with the help of Christie’s Furniture.

There are many reasons to invest in a new bed. It could be that your kids have outgrown theirs, or perhaps that you’re tired of drawing an imaginary dividing line down the middle of yours and are ready to up-size. Alternatively, it could be that your current mattress is contributing to back pain – and when you remember that, on average, we spend up to a third of our lives in bed, it’s no surprise that the wrong mattress is a common cause for such ailments.

Indeed, your bed is a very important part of how you furnish your home, and the time we spend in slumber can have a big impact on our waking lives. Having the right bed on which to rest your head can have a much more positive impact on your lifestyle than you think. For instance, an improved level of rest is thought by many to have a big impact on the way we learn and store memories, and while many think of sleep as a passive activity, our brains are far from dormant during the night. In fact, it’s at night that our brains store skills and information to more efficient and permanent parts of the brain, and it’s while you’re asleep that you effectively practise what you’ve learned during the day. Add to this the fact that getting a good night’s sleep will help increase your happiness and ability to think creatively, and also, according to some studies, help reduce your risk of developing heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes and obesity, and ensuring you have the right bed is really a no-brainer!

Whatever your reason for upgrading your bed, at Christie’s Furniture and the Christie’s Bed Shop in Penryn, you’ll find a comprehensive range of beds for all budgets and requirements.

Prices range from £99 all the way to £7,999, which means that whatever your budget, you’re sure to find the perfect sleeping solution to suit you, your home, and your pocket. In fact, business owner, Pete Blell recently unveiled the new Harrison Spinks pocket sprung bed studio, where you can find everything you need to ensure the perfect night’s sleep. The superb range on display includes the new Pocket Sprung line from Harrison Spinks – an award-winning manufacturer of beds handmade in England. At Harrison Spinks, there’s no such thing as a standard bed. In fact, the collection is built on the idea that there is no perfect mattress to suit everyone. Each mattress contains the highest quality natural fillings, a 100% natural sleeping surface, and the most innovative pocket spring technology to ensure optimal weight distribution and therefore the utmost comfort.

The best part about all of this, however, is that Christie’s Furniture is currently running a huge half-price sale on everything in store, so if you’re tired of sleepless nights, be sure to pop in and check out what the team has to offer. And we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the selection, with no fewer than 100 different beds and mattresses on display! So what are you waiting for? As we all look forward to a time when we can once again get out and make the most of time with our nearest and dearest, now’s the time to rest up and ensure you have the energy you need to enjoy the summer!


Whether your style is classic or contemporary, Christie’s has a superb range of bedframes to complement your new mattress, so you’re sure to find the perfect combination to suit your home decor.

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