Cornwall LivingIssue #113

Running on sunshine

With over a decade’s experience installing solar PV, GreenGen is one of the south westís leading solar providers.

We’re all doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and live as cleanly as possible, an ethos that has been eagerly adopted in the south west, and for those looking to take the next step towards energy efficiency and a carbon-neutral home or business, there is a way forward
with GreenGen.

Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, move away from grid dependence, and bring your monthly bills down too! The energy generated from solar panels can power your entire home and ease the guilt we might feel when we flick the switch for our lights and televisions. By replacing demand from the grid with renewable solar power, solar installations are dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of homes and businesses all across the country. 

In order to make the most of this forward-thinking change to renewable energy, it’s certainly worth considering the option of a battery to store all that power you’ve harvested from the sun, further reducing any dependency on the national grid and ensuring you’re getting everything you can out of your solar-powered investment. Energy ordinarily sent back to the grid charges into a bank of batteries, replacing grid demand during the evening or overnight, creating further energy savings and reducing your carbon footprint even more!

As a certified installer of solar PV and battery solutions, GreenGen offers installations to customers throughout the south west. Offering varying storage capacities and continuous discharge power, strong warranties and market-leading functionality, GreenGen has a battery solution for all existing and new solar PV customers. Interestingly, batteries have dropped in price over the last year, with numerous options currently available.

With free surveys, quotes and helpful advice from the team, GreenGen has a variety of options to suit anyone’s needs, and you can feel at ease in the absence of pressurised selling tactics. Informative proposals are provided after a friendly chat about what would work best for you and your home or business, so why not get in touch with the local, experienced experts for a discussion on how you can take your first step towards renewable energy at home?



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