Cornwall LivingIssue #112

Sapphires and sandcasting

Jewellery skilfully cast for sea lovers and those with Cornwall in their hearts.

The endless expanses of blue and green waters that meet us on the sandy shores of Cornwall have long inspired artists and creatives, and the team at Justin Duance take it one step further by using sand from our treasured beaches and physically incorporating it into the jewellery they make. The subtle sandy texture imparted by the sand combined with a signature blue sapphire captures the essence of the sea in a truly unique way.

Sapphires come in every colour of the rainbow, from vibrant pinks and oranges to deep blues and reds, and while Justin Duance can source all sorts of colours, they focus on varying hues of blue, which pair beautifully with their signature sandcasting technique. A keen surfer, Justin’s silver and gold contemporary jewellery is deeply influenced by the surrounding countryside and ocean.

A few years ago, this small business pledged to only use ethical gemstones in its jewellery, and the sapphires are traced from their mines of origin right up to the piece of jewellery they are set in. “The country of origin makes its mark on the colours of the stone. Our classic deep royal-blue sapphires come from Australia or Malawi, while the Sri Lankan sapphires are a brighter blue, reminiscent of the ocean on a sunny day. American Montana sapphires are celebrated for their delicate tones of blue-green which transform under different lights, making them really special and a firm favourite among sea lovers,” says Gemmologist, Taiman. “Because we work with small-scale suppliers, our gemstones vary and it’s always exciting to see what sapphires arrive in our shipments and working out which colour of gold will best showcase them.”

All of Justin Duance’s jewellery is carefully handmade to order from the workshop near Penzance (open by appointment only) and the options for personalisation are vast. You can select the stones from a gorgeous collection, specifying size and colour, and you might even like to add a sentimental touch by choosing the beach from which the sand is taken to cast the ring. Get in touch with the team to discuss your perfect jewel, and you’ll be wearing a little piece of your favourite Cornish beach before you know it.

Justin Duance Ltd

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