Cornwall LivingIssue #130

Saunas by the sea

Enjoy relaxation along the seafront.

Positioned amongst the spectacular scenery of the North Cornish coast, Saunas By The Sea’s wood-fired saunas are there to promote good health, balance and tranquillity. Take time to still your mind and body, sit for a moment, breathe and relax after an exhilarating day near the coast. There is no better feeling than to be enveloped in the heat of a sauna, the health benefits alone have inspired us to bring these magical moments for you to easily enjoy.

Arguably situated in one of the UK’s most desired holiday destinations, North Cornwall offers golden sands, surfing, and quiet secluded coves making it the ideal location to experience the traditional benefits of sauna life. Researching the benefits of a sauna, understanding the culture and with a determination that the build was possible, a group of like-minded friends combined their skills to bring you an immersive experience to support both mind and body.