Cornwall LivingIssue #65

Saving you energy

Save up to 12% off heating energy bills this winter with Duette pleated technology from Westcountry blinds.

With it’s stunning scenery and wonderful quality of light, we are seeing a trend in Cornwall moving towards having homes with larger windows and doors to take in our beautiful views. Whilst this allows more light into the property it provides challenges when regulating temperature and the harsh suns rays can cause fading to fabrics. This problem can easily be solved by fitting Duette pleated blinds in your home.

“In the winter Duette Honeycomb Shades can save up to 12% on heating energy.”

Westcountry Blinds, with workshops and a showroom based in Hayle, has been crafting blinds in the region for more than 20,000 of its customers over the past 16 years. The highly-skilled team of makers and fitters have around 25 years’ experience in the industry.

Duette blinds are made from polyester and form a honeycomb structure of cells. They work by using two layers of material that get attached to create a layer of air that helps insulate the home. While they look like standard pleated shades, they are a definite upgrade, with a sleek look and plenty of additional benefits.

One of the best features of Duette shades is the insulation they add to the window. The long, open channels trap air at the window, insulating the room from the hot summer air and the cold winter winds. In fact, the ‘R-value’ (a measurement of the resistance of the shade to transfer heat) can almost double, simply by adding the most energy-efficient cellular shade to the window.

In the winter, Duette Honeycomb Shades can save up to 12% on heating energy. Duette shades have won several awards and a first-class rating for their temperature control features. They also help shade your home by reducing heat radiation in the summer months by 78% and have extremely high sound-absorbing properties for acoustic comfort, even when there is a large amount of glass, ceramic and
concrete in the room.

Westcountry Blinds is among a handful of companies in the UK able to offer new innovative operating systems using Duette fabrics, which are supplied to retail customers and the trade.

Some of the new systems available are SmartCord and LiteRise. SmartCord is a revolutionary and patented cord lifting system. It features a retractable pull cord that maintains a constant length (no more dangling cords) for effortless operation.

LiteRise is a cordless system that raises and lowers the blind with the touch of a finger. Its proprietary design holds the shades securely in any position. LiteRise reduces potential safety hazards, offering more user comfort and a contemporary streamlined appearance.

Both these systems are available in 25mm pleats and come in a wide range of colours to choose from; the fabric can also be specified with ‘room darkening’ for dim-out quality or ‘room shading’ for temperature control and privacy. Wires and cords are all hidden, providing a very clean look. The hardware is available in white or anthracite.

Duette blinds are simple to use and incredibly child-friendly. They’re also easy to install and require very low maintenance, simply dusting off or sponging off as required. So make your home beautiful and practical. For more information on Duette, give the Westcountry Blinds team a call, or pop into the Hayle showroom and see them in action for yourself!

"In the winter Duette Honeycomb Shades can save up to 12% on heating energy."