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Rescuing and providing expert care for sick, injured or distressed seals and other marine animals.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary is a charity that rescues and rehabilitates grey seal pups from around the Cornish coastline. Rehabilitating more than 70 pups every season, all with varying needs, ranging from malnourishment to being separated from their mum.

amazing rehabilitation and medical care”

The sanctuary also provides a permanent home to animals requiring special care from their team of marine wildlife experts. Visiting the sanctuary, you can experience wonderful marine animals up close and learn about their individual stories, and with autumn now turning to winter, you may even encounter the occasional seal pup on your local Cornish beach. The marine experts at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary offer some helpful tips on what to do, should you find one.

Firstly, keep your distance. If the pup has a fluffy white coat, it still needs its mother and chances are, mum is watching from the water. She will only return to feed her pup when she feels it’s safe to do so. Secondly, do not touch the pup or try to put it back into the water – this is a wild animal with sharp teeth after all and a mother may reject her pup if she can smell humans. However, the sanctuary experts do encourage you to observe these beautiful creatures and to take note to see if the pup is alone, emaciated, injured or looking unwell. Noisy breathing, coughing or a runny nose are all indicators of illness.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary forms part of the SEA LIFE Trust charity and their vital work would not be possible without the support of the public. Rehabilitation will cost, on average, around £2,000, without even taking into consideration any special care it may need. Take Ted, for instance, who came to the sanctuary with a broken jaw requiring surgery, or Harry, who was so entangled in netting that his wounds were deemed life threatening.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary who offer such amazing rehabilitation and medical care are extremely grateful for each visiting guest and every donation received, allowing them to provide much-needed care for the resident animals.


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If you discover an unwell seal pup, you are advised to telephone the Cornish Seal Sanctuary for advice on 01326 221361 or call the British Divers Marine Life Rescue on 01825 765546, providing an accurate location of the poorly pup.


Cornish Seal Sanctuary

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"amazing rehabilitation and medical care"