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Seeing clearly

Live your life to the fullest by seeking the solution to your impaired eyesight.

Probus Surgical Centre provides high-quality, accessible and patient-orientated low-risk surgery to adults over the age of 18 years in a community/primary care-based setting. Each year, the surgery carries out 6,000 NHS procedures, pairing a warm, friendly and relaxed environment with high-quality and professional service.

Just one of these procedures is cataract surgery; if you are suffering from blurry or cloudy vision, this could be your solution. Here, leading clinical and surgical technology is used to facilitate micro-incision, improving healing time with fewer post-operative limitations to your recovery. With clear eyesight, you can get back to living your life to the fullest without your vision holding you back. This life-changing surgery is led by Mr Kumar, who has been at the centre since 2014 and is well known in the community with many surgeons also working at the local hospital. He continues to lead this surgery today with three other surgeons, so you know you will be in dedicated and
trustworthy hands.

Probus Surgical Centre also works hard to make your surgery as simple as possible by eliminating barriers that are all too common among other practices such as long waiting times and last-minute cancellations. Here, only scheduled surgery is provided, meaning you can feel confident that your surgery will go ahead as planned without sudden cancellation because of competing priorities. The current waiting times for cataract surgery are only seven to eight weeks for your first eye and six weeks for your second. Another unique offering is its one-stop service; arrive for your assessment and if you are suitable, have your procedure the very same day. This applies to both eyes meaning there is often no reason for you to visit the centre more than twice.

Choosing the right surgery for you is an important decision because it gives you control over your health. If you need to see an NHS specialist, you have the right to choose access to any treatment centre in England where NHS treatment remains free, even if you have been referred somewhere else. With this in mind, Probus Surgical Centre is easily accessible to all patients seeking cataract surgery.

Probus Surgical Centre and Cornwall Medical group offer private procedures such as hernia, vasectomy, lump and bump examination, MSK, adult circumcision and aesthetic procedures like anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, microneedling and PRP.

Probus Surgical Centre
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