Cornwall LivingIssue #125

Seeing clearly

Booking your cataract surgery may be easier than you think, with Duchy Hospital. 

Losing our sight is something that worries us all as we get older, but with a little bit of professional guidance there are ways to combat an ailment that will affect many of us in our lifetime. Cataracts usually form very slowly over many years, and symptoms appear gradually, though they can also be unpredictable, normally occurring as a natural side-effect of ageing. That said, other elements can play a part, such as exposure to sunlight, certain medical conditions, or genetics. None of us should have to struggle with poor sight or cloudy vision, and Duchy Hospital are on hand to help, with four Specialist Consultant Ophthalmologists offering convenient appointments. 

Delaying treatment for cataracts is rarely an option and left untreated altogether could seriously impair your vision. The side-effects can become much worse, including cloudy, hazy or blurred vision, glare around lights, poor night vision, impaired colour vision, sensitivity to bright light and ultimately impaired vision which could lead to full or partial sight loss. 

The only treatment for cataracts is surgery, but when this should happen can be down to different factors. The right time for treatment would be advised by your ophthalmologist, based on your personal circumstances. For example, if your cataracts are age-related and developing very slowly, you might be able to delay surgery until your problems with vision have worsened. If you are younger and your vision problems are caused by other factors, treatment may be a more pressing matter.

Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed, with a high success rate and usually no need to stay overnight in hospital. During the surgery, the cloudy lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens, which usually results in restoring clear vision. There are several lenses to choose from at Duchy Hospital, including multifocal, bifocal and toric, which can be discussed in your initial consultation. The surgery would usually be arranged within a matter of weeks following on from your first appointment.  

Duchy Hospital has a team of highly skilled Consultant Ophthalmologists; Mr Jones, Mr Kumaravel, Mr Patwardhan and Mr Westlake, each of whom have vast experience in all aspects of ophthalmology, and offer convenient appointments that suit you, with your choice of consultant.
So, if you are struggling with your vision, why not give Duchy’s Private Patient Team a call today?