Cornwall LivingIssue #66

Seeing is believing

Experts when it comes to your vision, Reid and Gordon options answer three of the most frequently asked questions about glasses.

What makes a frame a good fit?

The frame should be level with your eyes and eyebrows, so ask the dispensing optician if a frame needs adjusting to be level. The width of the frame should match the width of your face, and the side of your specs should run along the side of your face without cutting in. Once they reach the ear, the sides should curve downwards. If the sides curve too early, they can push the frame down on your nose. With a plastic frame there should be no gap between the bridge of the frame and the bridge of the nose. Metal frames generally have nose pads which will be adjusted so that they sit parallel to the sides of your nose. The lower edge of the frames shouldn’t touch your cheeks, so that they don’t rub or irritate. Not everyone’s face is perfectly symmetrical, so don’t worry if your specs don’t appear so when you lay them on the table; the important thing is that they’re level on your face.

How often should my glasses be adjusted?

There’s no set rule. Return to the opticians as often as you need. The fit of your glasses will alter with wear as you flex the frames every time you put them on and take them off. Remove your glasses carefully with both hands to ensure you don’t stretch one side. Some people need few adjustments, but growing children may find they need to visit every week to stop them from slipping! The optician is trained to ensure that your specs fit well and so will be happy to help, however often you need to return.

Which part of the spectacle lens should I look through?

Every lens has a centre, and you should be looking through it. When you select your frame, the dispensing optician will mark up where your eyes are centred within the frame. Your spectacle lenses will be cut so that their centre lines up with your pupils, ensuring you look through the correct part for crisp, clear vision. On collecting your glasses, your dispensing optician will again check that the lenses are centred properly. Overtime, your frames can become loose through taking them off, so you may want to return to the optician every few months for adjustments, to ensure continuous optimum vision.