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Self-build success

We discuss building your own home with experienced architect, Andrea Lane, Director at Lane Architects.

RIBA Chartered Architect, Andrea Lane is Director and founder of Cornwall based architectural firm, Lane Architects. After years of experience working for internationally renowned practices in the UK and France, Andrea decided to set up her own in Falmouth.

For the last few years she has been busy working with clients throughout Cornwall, on projects that range from small house extensions and renovations to larger one-off houses and self-builds.

Using an architect will ensure that your project progresses smoothly”

Lane Architects’ specialism lies in residential buildings. Andrea’s passion for self-build projects has led her to undertake the challenge of building her own home in Falmouth during 2019 on a limited budget. Using her skills to create a modern and striking family home whilst keeping costs to an absolute minimum, the three- bedroom house was completed at a build cost of £150,000.

What are the benefits of using an architect for a new home or self-build? Andrea explains: “Using an architect will ensure that your project progresses smoothly. Not only that, we can also help maintain cost-surety throughout and alleviate stress and any worries you might have. At Lane Architects we blend creative, innovative design with the latest technologies and materials, delivering projects for our clients with sustainability embedded firmly throughout our core.”

The dedicated team pride themselves on having the experience and natural intuition to know how to make a house, office or creative space feel homely, inspiring and uplifting. They have experience in concept design, planning, building control and construction drawings, and are able to take the project through to completion and final certification. This means they can help you with any project that you have in mind from beginning to end, whether that’s simply an extension, self-build, or a new build project.

So, if you are considering a building project of any kind, or just want to discuss your options, be sure you get in touch with Lane Architects and see how easy it is to create the home of your dreams.



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"Using an architect will ensure that your project progresses smoothly"