Cornwall LivingIssue #99

Sensory transcendence

Transcending recent constraints, artist Steve Slimm launches his timely new book: Beyond the Reach of the City.

Having endured an extended period of unprecedented isolation and uncertainty, most of us are now sensing the light relief of being out and about again, doing the things we love. Reconnecting with ‘in-the-flesh’ art is certainly close to the heart of many and the annual Cornwall Open Studio event provides the ideal opportunity. This year, Steve Slimm is opening his studio for the first time since 2011, from 29th August to 6th September. What’s more, he is especially excited to be launching his brand new artbook: Beyond the Reach of the City – We Have Dreamed
of a Place

The publication comes in response to the inordinate interest in his series of calendars, in collaboration with us here at Cornwall Living, featuring transcendent artwork alongside sensitive snippets of verse. One client expressed her appreciation this way: “My daughter gave me your calendar for Christmas and it truly touches me. Your paintings are how my soul feels. Never has an artist’s work moved me in such a way. It brings tears to my eyes, very good ones . . . Thank you for your beautiful contribution to this world. You make me smile.”

The 40-page hardback book combines stunning images with some poignantly profound poetic text, creating a hauntingly beautiful experience to lift the spirit out of any dregs of despondency. Steve will be personally signing all copies purchased during the Open Studios event.

“This place wants to hold me here, disempowered – as if all power lies in the past, therefore now unattainable.” This quote from Steve’s poem, ‘This Place’, so aptly describes how many of us have felt at times during the recent lockdown. His life’s work over the past two decades has been very much about using trauma to inspire transformation, mastery and positive change. His personal life during those years contained much grist to the mill of adversity, including the passing of a life partner in 2016. But the light of transcendence is ultimately never far behind in any of his work – whether expressed through paint, music or verse.

This year sees a large area of Steve’s rambling rustic studio near Praa Sands devoted to an inspiring multi-sensory experience: Transcending the Constraints of Reality. Showcasing his most transcendent recent original artwork, together with soundscape improvisations and elevating poetry, the emphasis will be squarely on the meditative quality that tends to have eluded most of us of late, making it an opportunity to reconnect with life through a unique spiritual approach to the ancient land of Cornwall. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.


Steve Slimm

07968 979367