Cornwall LivingIssue #116

Shared values

A culinary celebration of two beautiful and unique parts of the world.

This is the ethos that lies at the heart of The Cornish Italian. “We share with our community in Cornwall our Italian traditions,” says Founder Ugo, “whilst finding inspiration in our surroundings and the vibrant food culture of our adopted home.”

“The business began with our signature artisan tiramisu, inspired by my late father. Then, during the lockdown of spring 2020 we diversified, as me and Mamma Daniela channelled family recipes for authentic Italian dishes into a new range of ready-to-heat meals, delivering them to appreciative customers across the UK. Our extended family here in Cornwall is Truro Farmers Market, where you’ll find us every Saturday in the run-up to Christmas.” It’s no surprise then then, that family food for festive celebrations is something The Cornish Italian is seriously good at! 

A great example is Ugo’s exclusive handmade olive oil panettone – a family Christmas essential. “We were chosen by Carli, a renowned olive oil company based in my home town of Imperia, to be the exclusive UK importer of these luxuriously rich yet light cakes (it’s all in the extremely long proofing time!), which are laced with candied orange and raisins,” says Ugo. “For obvious reasons, Carli’s version is made with olive oil rather than butter, making it healthier than traditional panettone.”

“As Cornish Italians,” continues Ugo, “we are no strangers to large, busy gatherings of family and friends – some planned and others impromptu! We’ve found that the best thing to have on hand is a range of ready-to-heat authentic Italian meals, so you can save time on the cooking and focus on reconnecting with loved ones.” 

The range has something for everybody. For sophisticated palettes, there is the exquisite Black Truffle and Burrata Tortelloni, or the sumptuous Lobster, Crab & Prawns Ravioli. Meanwhile, the Gorgonzola and Walnut Ravioli, or Gnocchi al Quattro Formaggi, make great comfort food. The less adventurous will find all their favourites, from Spaghetti Bolognese to Pasta al Pesto; you’ll also find gluten free versions of many dishes available, too. “Having a selection of authentic Italian dishes – freshly prepared by us using the finest ingredients – ready to go in the freezer will cover you for every possible eventuality, and every possible visitor, this festive season,” finishes Ugo. “So, why not make it a Cornish Italian Christmas this year? Let us help you with the food while you concentrate on making magical memories; after all family is everything.”