Cornwall LivingIssue #139

Sleek style

Offering a stylish alternative to blinds as we head into autumn, Just Shutters may well have just what you’re looking for.

There are several benefits to choosing shutters over blinds, particularly as we head into the chillier season, and Cornwall-based company Just Shutters has a range of options that could be the superior choice for your home this autumn.

As the days get colder, heating bills rise and quite often homes remain cold. Shutters, however, act as great insulators by reducing heat loss. Just as they keep out the sweltering heat in summer, they banish the chill from your home in autumn and winter. The cold air remains trapped between your shutters and windows, keeping your house warm and energy-efficient! If you order your shutters now, they can be fitted in time for the dropping temperatures towards the end of the year, just in time to keep your home cosy and insulated.

Despite the chillier autumn temperatures, the glint of fresh Cornish sun can still present an annoyance from your living room or bedroom. In addition to being great insulators, shutters are also a brilliant method of light control. They are able to keep your room nice and bright while skirting the intensity of direct sunlight.

It’s not just our eyes that stay protected either, but our homes. Keeping the heat in, but the persistent glare out, stops those annoying spots of sun bleach on our furniture and floors. This means no more patchy marks on your sofas, wooden tables, or sideboards. They are also a great means of privacy without having to sit in a dark room with your blinds completely pulled! With shutters, you can enjoy the sun without compromising your comfort or your home.

If you are interested in replacing your blinds with an insulating alternative, why not get in touch with Just Shutters, your Cornwall-based shutter specialists, to get them in time for autumn?

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