Cornwall LivingIssue #69

Smart design

Revamp your property with a visit to interior design specialist Stylehome in Truro.

With our cover story this issue shining a spotlight on luxury Cornish properties, we catch up with Mark Mitchell of Stylehome to get his take on interior design. Mark provides us with some invaluable tips for anyone who is looking to furnish their Cornish property with some luxurious touches.

“… one of the big trends emerging this year is home automation, which is constantly being driven by the smart phone developers.”

Stylehome in Truro offers a range of products and design service for those who would like to create the ‘wow’ factor in their home or holiday home. You’ll find many products that are exclusive in Cornwall to Stylehome, and iconic names including the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. “We can provide every part of the service,” explains Mark, “from consultancy and problem-solving, to furnishing newly purchased properties and holiday homes. We can also help with fitting out, and sourcing contractors and subs.”

So where to start if someone wants to breathe new life into their home? “Invest the money into the areas that are most important to you and that give you the greatest payback,” says Mark. “Put it in to something that you really love and that will reward you.”What one thing can people do to their homes to freshen them up, without undergoing a entire overhaul? “There are some simple but effective ways of freshening up the look of your home, without a complete renovation. A great place to start is with blinds – the award-winning Luxaflex range is phenomenal.” As Mark tells us, one of the big trends emerging this year is home automation, which is constantly being driven by the smart phone developers.

We’re keen to discover, in Mark’s view, how important lighting is in creating the right ambience in a home. “It’s vital! People often realise that, but don’t know quite how to plan this accordingly. They may also be under pressure from their electrician and therefore it becomes a last minute decision. Our advice is think carefully about the finishing touches from the off and not treat them like an afterthought.”

So, does Stylehome have a particular take on coastal style? Stylehome’s mantra is that quality comes first. The company’s design advice is bespoke, and unique to each property and the client’s brief. Key factors are keeping it light and finding ways to bring the outside in. “The interior needs to refl ect the surroundings of the home,” says Mark. “If the home is coastal its important to refl ect this in colours and textures. The current Scandinavian trend is blended between traditional Scandinavian methods of manufacture and contemporary trends and textiles such a Poda.” That said, Mark also notes: “People can be too easily led in to a style that looks too stereotypically ‘Cornish’ or ‘coastal’. There are so many manufactures out there that produce products that look fantastic and have real benefits. A lot of the time these can be missed by not getting the right professional advice at the planning stage.”

So, to make an impression with your home’s interior design, why not pop in to Stylehome and speak to the team?