Cornwall LivingIssue #70

Smile! It’s your big day

Feel comfortable and relaxed on your wedding day with the smile you’ve always dreamed of, with specialist help from Truro’s River Practice.

So, you’ve got the date in the diary, the venue booked, the dress selected and photographer confirmed – plenty to smile about. But, as Jeremy Peak of River Practice, the specialist dentistry centre based in Truro, explains, “it is very common for us to see patients whose motivation for seeking an improved smile is their disappointment at seeing the family wedding photos. Whilst we are very happy to help, and our patients always love their new smiles, it is a little sad that we also often hear the same lament: ‘I wish I’d done this years ago’.”

“we love to hear our patients’ stories about how they now smile with confidence.”

There are multiple ways in which people can improve their smiles, from something as simple as a thorough scale and polish (the River Practice team can remove even stubborn staining), through to re-alignment of crooked teeth with orthodontics (braces), or even replacement of missing teeth or poor quality fillings or crowns.

The great thing with modern orthodontics is that, in the hands of a specialist, the treatment is painless, straightforward and reliable. River Practice is used to dealing with complex cases, often where adults believed their particular case to be hopeless. It never is. The key is to choose a registered orthodontic specialist, who can offer you a much wider choice of solutions than someone who has simply attended a few short courses. River Practice can also provide an invisible brace so that, even if you are reading this with your big day fast approaching, there may still be time for the team to make a difference that you can actually afford! How about that gap that always shows up in photos, or the loose denture that means you are worried about eating in company? These problems can usually be solved, and River Practice has expert dentists with Masters Degree level training in these aspects of dentistry too! 

“We pride ourselves on our patient focused approach,” continues Jeremy, “and love to hear our patients’ stories about how they now smile with confidence. We also understand how much financial pressure there can be when arranging a big event, so we offer staged payment plans at no extra cost.”

This year there really is no excuse – in February and March, the practice is offering free consultations (worth £75) and the first five people who book treatment who are part of the wedding party will get 10% off of their treatment plan. Speak to the team for the full conditions.

So what are you waiting for? Call or e-mail the practice now. The sooner you start, the sooner you will have the perfect smile!

"we love to hear our patients’ stories about how they now smile with confidence."