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Solar sensitivity

Allow your home to adapt to the change of the seasons with innovative glazing solutions from Windmill Windows.

Windmill Windows provides exceptional glazing solutions for all areas of the home. Whether you’re after a state-of-the-art conservatory, space maximising bi-folding doors, composite doors or uPVC efficient windows and doors, all aspects of the home are covered.

their workmanship and tidiness was of the highest standards”

With new technological advancements within the window industry, it’s now possible to invest in Solar Controlled glass as an option for your conservatory. The beauty of Solar Controlled glass is that as the seasons change and the days get longer and warmer, your windows can adapt to the temperature accordingly. Windmill Windows stand by the Cool-Lite brand of Solar Controlled glass. Providing a glass for all seasons, Cool Lite is coated with a special neutral appearance film and offers a great conservatory glazing option.

The glass lets in 70% of light while reflecting up to 63% of the external heat, compared to standard conservatory glass, which only reflects 27% of the sun’s heat. A conservatory with Cool Lite glass can be used all year round with a much-reduced need for expensive air conditioning. It’s not just summer months that are made more efficient with Cool Lite, the excellent thermal insulation of the glass also reduces heat loss from within the room, providing comfort in the cooler months.

Windmill Windows has chosen to provide Solar Controlled glass as a glazing option so that you can make the most of your new space throughout the year. It is at the height of the game in terms of technology, which is exactly where Windmill Windows strives to be with all of its glazing products.

Solar Controlled glass is not fitted as standard but it is an option that can be fitted on request.

So, if you’re interested in Solar Glass make sure to let the team know and see how you can transform your space with this innovative new technology.

When it comes to the fitting process, you can rest assured you will be in safe hands, as this customer discovered: “I am delighted that I chose Windmill Windows and I would like to convey my grateful thanks…their workmanship and tidiness was of the highest standards. I would
not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone.”



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"their workmanship and tidiness was of the highest standards"