Cornwall LivingIssue #109

Something to be proud of

Cornish Cabinet & Joinery Co is a family run business that’s driven by quality.

Specialising in handmade furniture, specialist joinery and pet furniture, and with more than 40 years’ experience in high-end woodwork products, Cornish Cabinet & Joinery Co is led by Darren and William Draycott. They believe that anything British made is something to be proud of, and based in the historic Roundhouse in Par – built in 1874, designed by Sir Samuel Morton Peto – they’re incredibly proud to say that their furniture is made right here in Cornwall.

So how did it all begin? Spanning two generations and incorporating highly specialised craftsmanship, as well as an in-depth design process, Darren and William believe strongly in the championing of traditional knowledge and skills. Darren gained much experience as an engineer’s pattern maker – a highly skilled trade that has since all but disappeared with the advent of modern fabrication techniques. William’s experience lies in artistry and furniture design, having been employed for many years working for a high-end Bristol based kitchen retailer. Together, they realised that their skills complemented one another perfectly, as did their shared passion for bespoke, beautiful and high-quality furniture, and so it was that the company was born.

“We began by talking about being inspired by the Cornish landscape, but it goes beyond that,” explains William. “We take the inspiration for colours and styles from the changing shades of the seasons, with the Cornish countryside, beaches, rivers and more giving us ever-changing moods to work with. The natural element of wood will always play a part in our design ethos, as will the historical and cultural surroundings we work within.”

If it’s your kitchen you’re thinking of updating, you’ll find a carefully curated range of styles and finishes available, from elegant traditional shakers to sleek and contemporary handleless designs. The company’s design process promises to ensure that you’re provided with the best possible layout, taking into consideration your personal likes, dislikes, and tastes that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The same process applies to bedrooms too, and as William explains: “We are happy to guide you in choosing style, colour and material. We offer samples and visualisations to help you choose, and will always offer guidance when needed.”

Whether you’re updating your bedroom or injecting new life into your kitchen, if you’re looking for a bespoke solution that’s made to the highest standard – for a realistic price – then Cornish Cabinet & Joinery Co comes highly recommended.


Did you know?

Cornish Cabinet & Joinery Co’s rustic wooden dog crates are hand-crafted and painted to order, designed to complement the companyís existing ranges of kitchen and bedroom furniture.


Cornish Cabinet & Joinery Co

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