Cornwall LivingIssue #141

Something to smile about

We all know the importance of feeling confident in our smile, but sometimes the most microscopic of blemishes can feel like glaring flaws. When it comes to replacing teeth that are missing or not working properly there are several options to consider, however, one option in particular stands out above
the rest.

For many people dental implants are a popular, long-term solution that have not only restored numerous smiles, but boosted confidence and improved quality of life, offering benefits that other replacements like dentures or bridges simply can’t. Whether you want to replace a single tooth or a complete smile, one of Portman Dental Care’s clinics in Launceston, Truro, St Austell, Wadebridge, or Carbis Bay can help. Mike, one of the clinic’s clients, explains: “My treatment and welcome was outstanding from my initial consultation. Through every step of the procedure, I found everyone involved to be professional, efficient, extremely caring and just good fun. I am delighted with the results and the follow-up care.”

Unlike removable dentures, an implant is placed into the jaw, the bone growing around it to create a stable base. Topped with a crown (false tooth) that’s matched to the shade, shape and size of your remaining teeth, dental implants are a natural-looking and comfortable solution to get your teeth back to looking beautiful. Another of Portman Dental Care’s recent clients, Carol, says: “I am now on my third implant; the first two are perfect and it’s great not to have the big gaps between my teeth anymore.” As long as they’re cared for properly and checked regularly, implants can potentially be a lifelong solution, meaning you also don’t need to worry about removing them to eat or sleep.

Dental implants stimulate the jaw just like natural teeth, preventing the jawbone from shrinking which is a common occurrence after losing a tooth. They can also restore your bite and allow you to chew properly, so you will never have to miss out on enjoying your favourite food again. Unlike some alternative treatments, dental implants are less likely to compromise the health of your other teeth.

While it all might sound just too good to be true, the friendly team at Portman Dental Care are on hand to answer any questions and guide you through your journey back to a confident smile.

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