Cornwall LivingIssue #146

Start spring with a zing!

With spring in sight, the experts at Plants of Cornwall give us their top tips for injecting some lime-green brilliance into our gardens.

In the world of gardening, where diversity and resilience are highly prized, the Plants of Cornwall team have some expert ideas to help us add some zesty colours to our outdoor spaces. To start with, they recommend Euphorbia as a botanical standout. This plant thrives in different climates and is suitable for various garden settings, from borders to containers and even as striking standalone focal points. Euphorbia Wulfenii produces round heads of lime green flowers in early spring. Accompanying Euphorbia with Carex oshimensis Everillo, a grassy companion with arching lime-green foliage, add both colour and texture to your garden. The Phormium Yellow Wave, a New Zealand flax, introduces waves of vibrant yellow and green-striped leaves, ensuring that your garden is a visual delight.

 Moving into late spring and summer, Hydrangea paniculata Limelight casts a luminous lime green glow in your garden, thanks to its radiant blooms. It is complemented by the Heuchera Lime Marmalade, a plant with unique lime-green leaves that add a playful touch to your flower beds. The bright, scalloped leaves of Alchemilla mollis, commonly known as Lady’s Mantle, play an important part in creating texture in borders and beds.

 For a garden that keeps its charm all year long, these lime green wonders team up effortlessly with evergreens. Sarcococca confusa has a lovely fragrance and is compact, making it a perfect match for the glossy dark green leaves of Pittosporum tobira and the timeless beauty of Japanese Holly, Ilex crenata. They essentially form the green dream team for your outdoor space!

 For a touch of classic elegance, the Geranium Johnson’s Blue or Wargrave Pink are both great choices, while the Agapanthus africanus will add clusters of bright blue or crisp white flowers. The Iris sibirica and Echinacea purpurea create a harmonious blend with their blue and pink hues, bridging the gap between the lime green and the vibrant floral palette.

 As the colours unfold, your garden becomes not just a well-designed space but a vibrant ecosystem that hosts essential pollinators. Embark on this horticultural journey by starting your spring with a zing of lime green brilliance, witnessing your outdoor sanctuary transform into an inviting haven, buzzing with life, beauty, and the promise of a flourishing season ahead.


Plants of Cornwall