Cornwall LivingIssue #99

Straight from the seabed

Exquisite, handcrafted jewellery capturing the textures of sand and sea.

Justin Duance and his team cast precious metals in beach sand to create completely unique pieces of unisex jewellery. This technique, developed by Justin some 10 years ago, results in beautifully organic pieces, reminiscent of lost treasures found on the seabed. The beach sand not only creates the texture you see on the rings, but tiny grains are captured in the metal, so you can take a piece of your favourite beach with you everywhere you go.

Each ring is made bespoke to order and can be personalised. The team begin by making a ring from wax to the customer’s specifications; this wax is then pressed into the mould containing the beach sand of the customer’s choice. Finally, molten gold or silver is poured into the prepared sand mould. “Every ring comes out differently, we don’t know how the ring will look until we brush away the remains of sand and begin cleaning it up. We couldn’t make two identical rings if we tried,” explains Justin. And there’s something quite special about knowing that no two sand-cast rings are the same.

Justin is inspired by the sentimental attachment people have to their jewellery.

“It’s often well-loved and valuable to its owner even if it came from a market stall on holiday.

It’s the memories that make it special. What’s really nice is when people send us their own gold, such as a great grandma’s wedding ring, as it already means something personal to them.”

At first glance much of the jewellery looks quite classic, but when you look closely you start to see the subtle texture from the sand and you realise there is just so much more to them than originally meets the eye. Customers send the team beach sand from all over the world
or you can pick one from the extensive list on their website.

Justin Duance use 100% recycled precious metals and all the gemstones and diamonds are ethically sourced, however, customers are also welcome to use their own heirloom gold and stones. Workshop visits are available by appointment, so get in touch now to create your own piece of treasure.



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