Cornwall LivingIssue #142

Stylish storage

Wadebridge Kitchens is providing modern and innovative ways to store essentials in your kitchen.

Whether it’s a necessity or simply to complete the look of your kitchen, there are a range of options when it comes to creating stylish storage in your home. After a huge rise in home dinner parties, Wadebridge Kitchens has found that customers are seeking new and exciting ways to create spaces to entertain within their kitchens.

Oozing sophistication and elegance, The Connery Cocktail Bar displays items within a dresser with a mirrored back panel, glass shelving, integrated wine racks and internal drawers. The Connery is timeless and a real jewel of the kitchen; the cocktail cabinet has always been a true classic and the charming design is perfect for those looking to create their own at-home bar experience.

Alternatively, make use of wasted corner spaces with The Lansbury walk-in pantry, the answer to of all of your organisational needs. Not only does it create a sense of luxury within your kitchen, but The Lansbury allows items to be easily accessible, within view and not hidden in those hated hard-to-reach areas.

Similarly, extra-wide, extra-deep drawers are a popular modern storage solution, creating easy access to everything you need. These maintain a sleek and clean finish to make accessing tableware easy, from crockery to utensils. There is also the option to create these in the handleless range, improving your kitchen’s efficiency and keeping your space clutter-free.

Another option, The Hathaway Pantry, utilises different configurations to perfectly match its requirements and can be personalised to your bespoke needs. It also offers optional cabinet colours to match or contrast the colour of the door with that of the cabinet. For a touch of elegance to the entrance of your home, a bespoke Boot Room enables you to store outdoor attire with the avoidance of mess, giving the space a simplistic yet homely feel. A wonderful way to add luxury to your home, the Boot Room is available in the full pallet of painted kitchen colours, whilst flawlessly connecting the kitchen and utility areas. No matter your style or storage needs, it seems Wadebridge Kitchens has a solution for every home.

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