Cornwall LivingIssue #150

Sumptuous Seaview Dining

Experience the epitome of culinary excellence and seaside serenity at Zacry’s, where a heartfelt welcome awaits you amidst fine flavours and coastal relaxation.

Shining a light on provenance, place and perspective, Zacry’s has now settled into its new shorefront setting on the sea wall at Watergate Bay. Experience elegant horizon-view dining, alive with locally sourced ingredients that take centre stage on seasonal menus, all imaginatively showcased by their passionate kitchen teams. From locally-grown lion’s mane and shiitake tare mushrooms to the freshest dayboat Newlyn hake with Camel Valley brut sauce and Exmoor caviar you’ll find something to satisfy the most discerning palate. And for dessert? Experience the ginger smack of a Cornish fairing and salted lemon curd. Their three-course dinner menu delivers world-class dining with a Cornish spirit.

This summer, seize the opportunity to bask in the mesmerising panorama of the north Cornwall coastline as Zacry’s extends its hours for leisurely, unhurried lunches that seamlessly transition into indulgent afternoon delights. Picture yourself reclining on the deck, as you sip on refreshing drinks and savour plump oysters against the backdrop of the expansive beach below.

For those who prefer a more leisurely arrival, why not opt for a later visit? Immerse yourself in a sublime dining experience as the sun begins its slow descent, casting a radiant, golden sheen across the water. Watch as the sky transforms into a canvas of vivid pinks and oranges, painting a scene of unparalleled beauty that perfectly accompanies your culinary journey at Zacry’s. And as if this isn’t tempting enough, Zacry’s have forged a fresh summer partnership with Cloudy Bay winemakers. Anticipate a pairing of succulent oysters with the iconic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, accompanied by half a lobster, Russian salad, garlic-infused sea salt-roasted heritage potatoes, and complemented by Pelorus Brut sparkling wine.


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