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Sustainably wild

The ethos at Wild Tipi has always been to create incredible memories and beautiful events immersed in nature. 

Knowing how much being outdoors surrounded by the natural environment had helped them and their children, Wild Tipi founders, Sam and Tim, sought to share this with others. Today, through their incredible tipis, they are able to share the magic of the great outdoors with clients hoping to make their event spectacular. “As adults, we often forget to play,” says Sam, “but you can’t help feeling a sense of wonder and childlike glee whilst staring up at one of these incredible structures! They seem to bring the best out in everyone, and that sense of gathering to feast, talk, laugh, love and enjoy – these are all simple pleasures that make the best of any day.

Over the years, Sam, Tim and the team have worked hard to offer products that are mindful of the natural environment. Their tipis have all been purchased from a UK based supplier that works hard to ensure their products are not only the highest quality, but are sustainable, too. All tipi poles are made of sustainably sourced English pine and spruce, and the business is part of the Forestry Stewardship Council, meaning that new trees are planted for each one felled. What’s more, the incredible tipis blend into the natural environment beautifully, and can be put up and taken down with very little trace. The team have also been working to reduce their carbon footprint, making decisions based on their environmental impact and reducing waste wherever possible. “For example,” says Sam, “last year we switched from single-use cable ties to Velcro ones where possible. We also use natural rope for installations and decorations, and even offer couples a recycling package to help them minimise their wedding waste.” In fact, Sam, Tim and co. are constantly on the lookout for ways in which to further reduce their footprint, which, next year, will include limiting the number of miles they travel out of county. “As the business grows and grows it would be easy to keep expanding further afield,” says Tim, “but we have everything we need right here in Cornwall. If we do go out of county, we will be working hard with our couples to offset our carbon footprint.”

In short, if you’re planning your dream wedding in Cornwall and are looking for a team that can not only provide you with a fairytale venue in a location of your choice, but that can do so at minimum cost to the environment, then be sure to contact Wild Tipi! 


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