Cornwall LivingIssue #84

Sweet dreams

If you want to get your sleep down to a fine art, next time you find yourself looking to buy a new bed or mattress, why not talk to the experts at Sweet Dreamzzz?

According to the Sleep Council you should change your mattress every seven years or when you start waking up with stiffness or aches and pains. Historically, the most popular type of mattress was pocket sprung. However, with a new generation of vacuum-packed mattresses coming to the market, often made of foam or latex, as well as hybrids between the two, the choice can be overwhelming. Yes, you can purchase a mattress on the internet, but when you spend an average of seven to eight hours a night on it, why would you not try before you buy?

you know you are helping reduce landfill and ultimately save our planet whilst you sleep”

To help us make a choice we spoke to Denise and Mike, owners of Sweet Dreamzzz in Penryn. Having provided beds and mattresses to discerning customers across the county for more than ten years, they are best placed to advise on what to look for. Having recently undergone a refurbishment their store on Commercial Road has a carefully selected range of beds and mattresses. The new showroom enables them to offer their customers an excellent choice without it being overwhelming and their years of experience mean that they know exactly which beds and mattresses are best suited to your needs. So, a visit to Sweet Dreamzzz takes all of the angst out of purchasing as whichever bed or mattress you choose from their range, and you can rest assured that your purchase will be right for you, whatever your budget.

For the launch of the new showroom Sweet Dreamzzz is proud to introduce the eco-friendly ‘Ultimate Natural Collection’ of divan beds and mattresses from Smeaton Brothers, who have been making beds in the UK since 1893 and are pro-active in reducing environmental effects to our planet. Mattresses are filled using natural fibres such as wool, silk and cashmere, sourced where possible near the Smeaton Brothers’ Yorkshire factory to reduce transport emissions. The factory also boasts a roof full of solar panels and the company maintains 24 acres of local, natural woodland to offset their carbon footprint. And when a Smeaton Brothers mattress needs replacing it is fully recyclable – so not only do you get quality and comfort, you know you are helping reduce landfill and ultimately save our planet whilst you sleep, naturally. Look out for Sweet Dreamzzz’ opening offer on the Ultimate Natural Collection of superb eco-friendly beds.


Discover More

Be sure to visit the brand new Sweet Dreamzzz showroom when it opens from April 1st, when Denise and her team will be on hand to offer expert advice and excellent customer service. And don’t forget, Sweet Dreamzzz won’t be beaten on price!

If you’re looking to furnish student accommodation then Sweet Dreamzzz offer a popular range of bedroom packages specifically tailored to student needs. Sweet Dreamzzz also provide quality affordable beds and mattresses to holiday home companies and owners as holidaymakers look forward to a good night’s sleep.

"you know you are helping reduce landfill and ultimately save our planet whilst you sleep"