Cornwall LivingIssue #107

Table talk

Sometimes, when it comes to furnishing your dream home,  furniture bought ‘off the shelf’ simply won’t do.

The Rozen Furniture workshop is where you’ll find skilled local craftspeople who can design and make inspired, bespoke furniture pieces. One of the key items of furniture in all of our homes – particularly for those of us who are looking forward to once again being able to entertain – is the humble table. At Rozen, when it comes to making a table, the team will help you realise something that’s both practical and beautiful, and of course, made to the highest quality. So what kinds of table can the team help you with?

First up is the all-important dining table. After all, dining in is the new dining out! The size of your dining table is always an important first consideration. If space is at a premium, then yours needs to be adaptable. Rozen can create one for you with insertable ‘leaves’, or alternatively one that folds. The best bet is to discuss your needs with the team, who will be able to help achieve the best solution. That way, when we can once more have our friends over for dinner, you can all be sat comfortably together.

Next is the console table. This narrow table is a handy solution for hallways, and works perfectly when space is limited. Plus, the addition of a drawer gives you somewhere to drop your keys – no more rushing around trying to find them every morning! A console table can also be built to add flexibility to your dining table, in fact one happy Rozen client had one made that was the same width as their dining table, meaning that if they ever need extra space for dinner, they can simply pull up their console table. Simple, but highly effective!

Leading on from the hallway and into your home office, if you’re one of countless individuals who, even after the lockdown, will continue to work from home, then you may well need to adapt your space to fit your new lifestyle. Indeed, home working has become a firm reality for many people, as has home schooling, and there’s no doubt that having the right table for such uses is conducive to a productive workspace. Your first option might be your aforementioned multi-tasking dining table, but if you have a room that can be dedicated to serve as a home study, then you may wish to consider creating something more bespoke. Again, talking to the experts at Rozen is the best way to find the perfect solution for your needs, whether it’s a stand-alone, height-adjustable table, or part of a bespoke office furniture package.

Finally, we retire to the living room, where the coffee table takes centre stage. Rozen are always happy to make ‘one-off’ furniture pieces and don’t just specialise in large furniture sets (although they certainly have you covered if that’s what you’re after!). The team welcomes one-off commissions, so if you have an idea in mind for the perfect centrepiece in your living room, just get in touch.

If you’d like to find out more, Rozen Furniture’s website is home to many examples for you to peruse, and it doesn’t take long to see that this is not just another furniture company. At Rozen Furniture, quality means everything, and the best part is that as a client, you’re made a part of the entire process, meaning you can ensure that every detail is precisely the way you want it and that your furniture is meticulously tailored to suit your home lifestyle needs.


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