Cornwall LivingIssue #113

Taking the plunge

Nicki and Joe Woolley left it all behind to move to Cornwall and become the new face of Elemental Gin.

In 2013, the first drops of a gently steeped organic spirit, a product of months of alcohol alchemy, made their way from a copper still into the very first glass bottle, and Elemental Gin was born. As one of the first gins to be exclusively distilled and bottled in Cornwall for over 300 years, this premium gin won over the palates of the discerning, the experimental and the impartial alike. An artful blend of 12 carefully sourced botanicals combined with a mastery of gin making made for an award-winning staple of the Cornish gin scene.

Seven years later in early 2020, on the eve of a country-wide lockdown, Nicki and Joe Woolley arrived. Driven by determination and a thirst for adventure (and gin), they uprooted their little family, stepped away from the nine-to-five grind and embraced everything Cornwall and Elemental had in store for them, their heads swimming with possibilities. “There’s something about this unique corner of the world that has always felt like home. However far we travelled, Cornwall always seemed to draw us back. Sometimes in life, the stars align, and for us this happened when we came across the opportunity to become the new owners of Elemental Gin,” explains Nicki. 

The most important thing at Elemental Gin now has been to ensure that they continue the tradition of creating the handcrafted, small-batch, premium gin that people know and love, whilst breathing some new life into the distillery and the brand. Clean, fresh, and proudly bearing it’s made-in-Cornwall seal, Elemental Gin is produced in their distillery at the bottom of the garden. “We capture the essence of Cornwall in every bottle, from using locally sourced ingredients like Cornish spring water from Bodmin Moor, right down to the element-inspired branding wrapped around every bottle. It’s because of these strong Cornish roots, that we’re always looking for ways to keep our gin as low-impact on this place as possible,” says Joe.

The multi-award-winning Cornish Gin is a firm favourite with the locals, heralding juniper and citrus tones. Across the range they make an excellent gin and tonic, but for something different why not try the Raspberry Gin as an amazing ‘summer cup’, or the Apple and Elderflower Gin with a splash of cloudy apple juice over ice?




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