Cornwall LivingIssue #140

Tasty tipples from Copperfish Distillery

Copperfish Distillery is now five years into creating great-tasting, truly authentic Cornish drinks.

Based in the Cornish town of Looe, the Copperfish team have always had a determination to promote the town’s great food and drink, and this September saw the brand take pride of place as sponsor of Looe Food Festival, where it was also featured amongst some of Looe’s finest culinary talent under the bright lights of the demonstration stage.

At the very heart of what they do is great taste and quality. Rob, the distiller, works tirelessly to create the best drinks possible by keeping to a simple mantra: “proper spirits made proper”. This, in essence, means cutting corners simply isn’t an option, and only the very best ingredients and methods are used. Having established shining credentials with an award-winning range of rums, all made from scratch in Cornwall, the team have more recently focused on whiskey-style products.

Launched at the festival, Kerbon made quite an entrance and was featured in the mixology session at the close of the event. But what is Kerbon? Well, if you like bourbon you’ll love this whiskey-like tipple. It is a Cornish bourbon-style spirit made from a mash of local corn, barley and wheat. After careful fermentation, the mash is distilled in a pot still and cut to retain flavour with the highest quality. This smooth white spirit has been available for a few years as Copperfish Moonshine, after being cut to 40% ABV. The full-strength spirit, however, has been rested for some years in specially selected oak casks to develop taste and colour.

The product is beautifully packaged in a bold rectangle bottle with highly embellished labels, which will no doubt shout out from the bar or shelves in store. Everyone has their individual preference but the team at Copperfish has suggested a couple of ways to make the most of the drink. Try it neat, with a little ice like traditional bourbon, or use it as a great base for an Old Fashioned. It’s also a delicious mixer, so make sure you try it with some cola. Copperfish Rum, Moonshine and Looe Gin have been awarded five Golds and four Silvers by Taste of the West, so however you take your tipple, the new Kerbon is bound to impress.