Cornwall LivingIssue #120

The beauty of balustrades

With striking designs and great functionality, a glass privacy balustrade can create a unique personal space to enjoy year-round.

Over recent years, glass balustrades have become very popular, not least for their striking, contemporary design, ease of cleaning, durability, safety and strength, but also the fact that they afford the illusion of space. We are all familiar with the clear glass versions, often used so that views are uninterrupted and light is let through to create an expansive atmosphere. However, as we discover from experts in the field, Kestrel Specialist Handrail Systems, the use of a satin or opaque glass finish – as opposed to clear glass – can create a really striking look.

Kestrel installs balustrades, Juliet balconies and privacy screens using 316-grade mirror polished stainless-steel posts and handrails, which are particularly suited to coastal areas, and when combined with opaque glass create a personal environment with excellent weather protection. The versatility of using glass as a privacy screen means that you can create everything from a sheltered, private balcony to a full-height wind break. Or, if you are looking to create a low-level, secluded seating area, the use of satin glass means you get the benefit of privacy, while still being able to enjoy the view when moving around. There is also the option of using a combination of privacy and clear glass panels in different areas depending on what you want to obscure.

Privacy glass screens and balustradesare also an excellent choice for hot tub and barbeque areas, with the added benefit that they can be back-lit, taking you stylishly from day to night with mood lighting. However, such screening shouldn’t have to be purely functional; Kestrel recommends making it a feature within your outdoor space and by using opaque glass the result will be both visually stunning as well as functional. 

While a glass balustrade might be more costly than other materials, it is an investment that will last for many years to come. So, if you are looking to enjoy some garden seclusion, while retaining your view, then the Kestrel team of dedicated team experts are on-hand to help you achieve your vision!


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