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The best of both worlds

Wendron Stoves have found just the thing to combat those ever-increasing energy bills, without compromising on style or comfort. 

Wood stoves remain the heart of many a home here in the south west, providing us with much-needed warmth in the winter months, not to mention a soothing, traditional sense of cosy comfort as we lounge beside them in the living room. However, as energy costs seem to be growing higher and higher, now is the time to consider what we can do to bring them back down, and the team at Wendron Stoves may have found just the thing. 

Introducing wood pellet stoves, wood burning for the 21st century; turning pellet stoves on and off at the flick of a switch, with totally programmable and thermostatically controlled operation and the satisfaction of knowing that you are heating your home in an environmentally responsible way using a low carbon fuel, will certainly bring peace of mind. 

Pellet stoves can come as both boiler models, there to heat the whole house, or as space heating stoves to warm one room and spread a background warmth around the house. They are available in many different forms, ranging from utility boilers in the garage, to stylish living room models, and even cookers in the kitchen to provide all the central heating.

The name Klover is synonymous with engineering excellence and their stoves are known for their reliability and build quality. This family run Italian firm use the utmost care and attention to detail in the manufacture of their stoves, which represent the widest range of MCS-accredited pellet stoves in the UK.

Manufactured with the UK market in mind, the Smart 120 British Traditional has an enamelled top, handrail and optional hob covers, and is available in cream, red and black, making it perfectly suited to cottage and farmhouse kitchens. Like the original Smart 120, the Traditional model runs at over 90% efficiency and gives 17.5kW to water and 5.2kW to room; fitting hob covers will reduce the heat to the room and increase the heat to water. The Traditional Smart 120 can be fitted with a top or rear flue and is Defra exempt for use in smoke-control areas.

Wouldn’t it be great if it could burn overnight, if the stove could turn on automatically, or what if it could be programmed so that there was a fire in the fireplace when you woke up at 6am on a cold winter’s morning? Well, all of this is now a reality! Aduro Hybrid is neither a pellet nor a wood-burning stove; as the name indicates, it is a hybrid – a combination. Aduro Hybrid allows you to switch between the best of two worlds, with environmentally friendly heating from wood pellets and the cosy ambience of firewood.

You can use Aduro Hybrid as a classic, environmentally friendly wood-burning stove with cosy flames, silent operation and a charm that only real firewood can provide, and you can always heat your home, even when the power is out. With the option of using wood pellets, the hybrid stove offers new opportunities. With a clear conscience, you can let the stove burn overnight and heat up the house when you are not at home. The Aduro Hybrid series represents a new type of wood-burning stove with a high level of user-friendliness and advanced technology wrapped in a stylish, Nordic design.

Winner of the European Business Award for the Environment 2018, the Aduro Hybrid reduces the emissions significantly compared to conventional wood-burning stoves; with the pellet function, the CO emission is reduced by 97%, the OGC emission by 91%, and the dust emission by 59%. Since fuel is added to an Aduro pellet stove several times every minute, the combustion will always be better than in a traditional wood-burning stove, in which firing happens every other hour. The energy efficiency is also greater. The only thing you need to do is to fill up the stove with wood pellets, and the technology will take care of the rest. A pellet stove can typically burn for around 24 hours on one filling – and often for several days without cleaning!

At an average cost of 7p per kwh, wood pellet stoves seem to very much be the future of wood stoves and boilers in the home, and Wendron Stoves are at the forefront of these amazing new technologies, so make sure to get in touch for some specialist advice and a quality, personalised service. 

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