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The comfort of home

With an unbelievable up-to-half-price sale now on, now’s the time to head to Christie’s Furniture and get your home winter-ready.

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time, traditionally, when many of us would be gearing up for the pre-Christmas rush – to get everything ready for those festive family visits. Of course, uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic means many still don’t know what the yuletide season will bring; in fact, for a lot of us, it may well have already been decided to stay at home. But after so much time spent inside during the lockdown, and with the prospect of weathering the coming winter between those same four walls, updating your home – be that your bedroom, kitchen, living or dining room – is an easy way to make all that extra time inside a pleasure, not a chore! 

Whether you’re envisaging family feasts around a gorgeous new dining table, or you’re a couple looking to sink into a sumptuous sofa after placing another log on the woodburner, the common denominator is furniture, which Christie’s in Penryn has in spades. And right now, owner Pete Blell and his team are offering an up-to half-price sale, with huge savings on absolutely everything in store, just in time for the cold months ahead.

The Christie’s range includes a stunning collection of corner sofas and chairs, an eclectic range of dining sets in a multitude of styles (be yours traditional or contemporary), as well as beds, mattresses and so much more. 

Of course, the problem nowadays is often that with so much choice, it can be hard knowing where to start. After all, a new piece of furniture is an investment, so getting it right first time is crucial! With that in mind, we ask Pete for his advice: “I know it sounds obvious, but first thing’s first – try to measure up your room so you can work out exactly what will and won’t fit, remembering that furniture shouldn’t totally overpower a room. Next, consider what style you want to achieve, and when you have that in mind, it’s time to pay the showroom a visit. Come in and have a look around,” encourages Pete, “you’ll be amazed at what you find!” 

Budget is also a top consideration for most of us; if you’re buying for the long term, it’s always advisable to invest in a quality piece. In fact, spending less on a product that you want to last – particularly a piece of furniture that’s going to be used day after day – almost always works out as a false economy. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune; what we mean is that the quality and longevity you’ll find in a piece that costs, sometimes, just a little more, will always be worth the initial outlay. However if it’s a piece of furniture that’s providing a stop-gap – which at this time of year could be a futon, or extra dining chairs for festive guests – then Christie’s can also offer something that won’t break the bank.

What we think really makes Christie’s a must-visit, however, is the variety of styles you’ll find in-store. Cornwall is home to so many different types of homes, from characterful cottages, townhouses and sprawling country estates, to modern new builds on the very fringes of the coast. This means that when you’ve decided to invest in new furniture, chances are you have a very specific style in mind, one that’s led by that of your home. Pete and his team take pride in their ability to help you find the best furniture solutions for your home, but not just that; they’re experts in their field and pride themselves on providing first-class customer service, too.

Christie’s Furniture and The Christie’s Bed Shop remain open, seven days a week, with an increased schedule of safety measures in place to ensure your experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible. This includes specialist cleaning equipment to ensure you can still ‘try before you buy’, including a sanitised pillow for your personal use when testing out the comfort of any mattress. There’s also an appointment service for those who wish to seek advice and purchase furniture as quickly and efficiently as possible, ideal for those who still have a long to-do list to tick off in time for Christmas! In short, if you’re looking to update your home furnishings, be sure to get in touch and arrange your visit to Christie’s.

Did you know?
For those unable to visit during working hours, Christie’s can also offer appointments outside of normal work times ñ simply give the store a call and arrange yours.

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The Christie’s Great Half Price Sale includes price reductions across the entire in-store range, including sofas, chairs, corner sofas, dining sets, home accessories – you name it! 

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