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With a history spanning some 30 years, Christies’ industry experience is leading the way when it comes to furnishing homes in the West Country.

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle and with that in mind, it is so important to furnish it to the highest of standards, but with a myriad of styles available it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. We caught up with owner of Christie’s Furniture, Pete Blell, to find out more about the beautiful furniture and bed store that is Christie’s Furniture and the Christie’s Bed Shop in Penryn. “Our story begins all the way back in 1985, when the Devon Bed Centre in Exeter first set down roots,” Pete tells us. “Now, over 30 years later, it’s the largest, longest established independent bed centre in Devon.”

“We took that pedigree, knowledge and industry experience, and in 2010 we opened the Christie’s Furniture store in Penryn, Cornwall. Having been closed for two years at that point, it was in desperate need of refurbishment. We relish a challenge and practically re-built the place – transforming it into the comprehensive furniture hub that it is today,” explains Peter.

“We’re proud of the hard work we put in back then and even more proud of the successful years we’ve had since.”

Not a company to rest on its laurels, Christie’s Furniture installed a new first floor in 2016 which, as well as their stylish sofas, gorgeous living and dining room furniture and stunning accessories, meant they were able to boast one of the largest bed centres in the south

west with over 100 different beds on display from leading UK manufacturers, including a terrific collection of award-winning beds! Their expertise gained from Devon Bed Centre also ensures that they are able to provide customers with great advice if this is needed. We asked Peter what his advice would be when choosing a new piece of furniture: “I know it sounds obvious but first thing’s first, try to measure up your room so you can work out exactly what will and won’t fit, remembering that furniture shouldn’t totally overpower a room. Think about what style you want to achieve, modern, traditional etc. At this point, often this is where our showroom comes in handy. It’s packed full of inspiration. Everything is displayed in room settings which helps to visualise what it would look like in your home. Come in and have a look around, you’ll be amazed at what you find!”

They also suggest that it’s important that the piece of furniture is fit for purpose. For example, delicate and more intricate pieces are better placed where little ones don’t play. Similarly, light colours may not be suitable for a family home.

Budget should also be a consideration. If you’re buying for the long term, then Pete advises to invest in a quality piece, even it costs that little bit more, as its longevity will outweigh the initial outlay. However, if it’s a piece of furniture that’s providing a stop-gap, then Christie’s can also offer something that will fit the bill but won’t break the bank.

With so many different homes across Cornwall, from cottages, townhouses and holiday homes to modern new builds, Christie’s have something to suit. Particularly if you have a new home, you will be lucky enough to be starting with a blank canvas. “We would recommend deciding on a theme for a new home,” says Pete. “Whether that’s a specific style, era or colour, you can ensure your rooms are beautifully furnished and harmonious throughout with our ranges in store.”

So, if you’re looking to furnish your home then why not browse the Christie’s Furniture website or, better still, pop in store? Be sure to look out for our forthcoming articles where we’ll be talking to Pete in more detail about furniture, accessories and the latest trends for 2019.


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If you’re updating your bedroom furniture, then Christie’s Bed Shop has more than 100 beds on display, including a number of award-winning beds from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers.


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Christie’s pride themselves on providing a first-class service to their customers and are passionate about furniture. With such a vast range to choose from, the guidance of their enthusiastic advisors can be invaluable! Open seven days a week – for opening times visit

“We’re proud of the hard work we put in back then and even more proud of the successful years we’ve had since."