Cornwall LivingIssue #112

The heart of alchemy

An ancient art form brought to life in the hands of talented artist, Mel Chambers.

Alchemy Tiles brings back to life the thousand-year-old craft of inlay tiles, with each one individually carved with inspiring poetry, quotes and images by Mel’s own hand. As one of the only creative tile makers in the UK still using the ancient 13th century technique of hand carving and inlay, her work has become exclusively unique. Her bespoke interior design in the form of individually created tiles has provided an opportunity for customers to have something created just for them, each piece personal and from the heart.

Her innovation and unique skills have not gone unnoticed, and despite the challenges that this last year has presented, Mel Chambers of Alchemy Tiles is delighted to have been named ‘Best Hand-Crafted Tile Company’ for 2020. She is the proud winner of the SME Southern Enterprise Awards for extensive expertise and skills, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction with an on-going commitment to excellence and innovation. What’s more, she’s been nominated again for 2021! “Keeping this ancient tradition and craft alive and taking it to new heights is what gets me out of bed in the mornings and creating beautiful pieces and bespoke interiors is what makes my heart sing,” says Mel.

Mel was trained in the techniques by Iris Milward of Poetry Tiles just before she retired in 2013, and has gone on not only to keep the ancient technique alive, but to develop it further in new colours and designs, specialising in bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces. As part of her ethical and sustainable practice, a new opportunity has been created to use her craft as a force for good. She has developed several exclusive ranges for various Cornish conservation projects and charities, donating all the profits to each cause. Plant One, Prickles and Paws Hedgehog Rescue and Cornish Black Bees are just some of the projects she is working with, and she’ll be launching these pieces at her annual exhibition in Port Navas from 27th to 30th August this summer.

The heart of Alchemy Tiles is about you, the customer, and creating something that is not only personal, but that stands the test of time. By keeping this magical ancient craft alive and using it as a force for good, Alchemy Tiles continues to have people and the planet at the heart of everything it creates.

Alchemy Tiles

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