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The heart of the home

Traditional or classic, contemporary or ultra-modern, realising your kitchen dreams couldn’t be easier.

With the kitchen now considered as the showpiece of a modern home, it will often set the stage for all other design decisions. With a trend towards open floor plans the kitchen is a place to gather, where families start and end their day, and has to be a combination of form and function. With 14 years’ combined experience creating beautiful, bespoke designs alongside managing large projects, friends Tyler and Luke set up the luxury kitchen design company, Wilson Fink, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. While working together in both national and independent kitchen retailers they had identified that customers were not always given enough time during the design process and wanted to offer a more personal approach.

Tyler and Luke’s vision was all about offering outstanding build quality alongside modern innovation, underpinned by exceptional value. In order to achieve this Wilson Fink sell quality Italian, German and handmade kitchens. They found that the build quality of these kitchens was superior to anything else on the market and came combined with a European design flair that set them apart. Mobilturi kitchens, which are located in southern Italy and were one of the first kitchen producers in the country, are made from a solid wood construction using classic shapes for a timeless appeal. 

Kuhlmann are one of Germany’s premier kitchen manufacturers who have been producing stylish and sophisticated kitchens for nearly 100 years. Their variable room designs and the excellent range of styles, materials and colours available, means that the only limit to your kitchen is your imagination. These are just a couple of examples of the ranges available from Wilson Fink. Working with such quality products, and combined with their love of designing interesting kitchens, Tyler and Luke are able to offer a range of ideas and inspiration for the beating heart of your home. Listening carefully to their customers’ wants and needs also means that whatever project they are working on receives high acclaim. With incredibly competitive pricing, at a time when other costs are spiralling, Wilson Fink can offer higher quality kitchens for a similar price to those of lesser quality – something which makes perfect kitchen sense!

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