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The heat is on

It’s fair to say that we all want our homes to feel warm and cosy throughout the year, but are we exploring all of our heating options?

Not having access to heat when you want it can be incredibly frustrating and uncomfortable, especially now. Unfortunately, many of us here in the south west find ourselves limited to night storage, flat panel or other old-fashioned electric heating systems, often on expensive off-peak tariffs. But are we?

There is now another option that gives you far more control over your heating, and your bills. Reverend and Mrs Richards tell us about how, after years of being too warm in the mornings and chilly in the evenings, they chose South West Heating Solutions after reading about the team’s modern German ELKAtherm radiators. “I remember thinking it would be lovely to be able to turn on the heating and have immediate heat, instead of our night storage,” says Mrs Richards. 

Unlike night storage, ELKAtherm radiators can warm on demand. In fact, the intelligent built-in thermostat ensures they only turn on when the room drops below your desired temperature. This means that the Richards are now only paying for heat when and where they want it. “I was quite excited about that,” continues Mrs Richards. “To turn the heating on and have heat in 15 minutes was great! Our home is more comfortable. In fact, if I could have my time over again, I would have had them fitted earlier.”

Perhaps the best part is that you can turn these radiators on remotely from your tablet or phone, so you’ll always arrive to a warm and cosy home. They’re available in a range of different sizes too, in over 190 colours, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your home. 

Installed in a day with no mess and no fuss, it couldn’t be simpler. As a Which? Trusted Trader with over 3,000 happy customers here in the south west, with South West Heating Solutions, you couldn’t be in safer hands. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your heating, be sure to call the team for your free information pack, or to arrange for an engineer to visit and make a recommendation for your home. Leaving you with a complete quote, you’ll be in the best possible position to decide, in your own time, whether these impressive German radiators are right for you.

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South West Heating Solutions  is a Which? Trusted Trader with more than 3,000 happy customers here in the south west. This means that when it comes to taking control of your heating, you couldn’t be in safer hands!

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