Cornwall LivingIssue #108

The height of design

We take a look at an impressive project recently completed by Philip Whear Windows & Conservatories – perhaps the highest conservatory in Cornwall!

Priding themselves on quality design and craftsmanship, the team at Philip Whear Windows & Conservatories create unique, bespoke designs that truly enhance the homes of their clients. The company has more than 35 years’ experience and has nurtured a reputation for quality, both in terms of the products they supply and install, and the attention to detail and craftsmanship that they bring to each and every project.

To give you an idea of what we mean, and so that you needn’t just take our word for it, we caught up with one of Philip Whear’s recent clients, Keith and Sarah Hancock, and asked them to tell us about their experience. We’re sure you’ll agree, that the finished result is nothing short of spectacular!

“Recently, Sarah and I have been lucky enough to live in our top floor flat overlooking the water across to Flushing,” explains Keith. “It’s in a stack of three on a very old granite pier sticking out into Falmouth Harbour.” These, explains Keith, were the first part of the Admirals Quay development, started in 1990. “Being where we are, we have a roof garden. This was accessed by a spiral staircase
leading to a timber greenhouse, which, being so exposed, was suffering and leaking. We agreed with the planners and our management company to improve the access with a straight stair flight and to keep the weather out of our living area below with a new, larger conservatory.”

So how did they go about achieving their vision? “There are plenty of conservatory makers in the county,” says Keith, “but few who are capable of running a job like this, where the installation required scaffolding coming out of the sea, around the flats and over our chimney.” In fact, he reveals that the new structure had to be 20 metres high and fully weather protected with a roof and sides. What’s more, “all of the old structure had to come down via a hoist, and similarly, new equipment had to go up it, 15 metres above
the courtyard.”

 “That requirement thinned out the suppliers list considerably,” Keith reveals. “The final shortlist of two comprised a timber frame solution from out of county, and Philip Whear, who work with timber, uPVC and aluminium. We felt that a combination of uPVC and aluminium would do the best job both for ease of installation and longevity.” What finally sealed the deal, was that the Philip Whear team were confident enough to become the main contractor, thus giving the couple a clear path of quality and responsibility. “Not even Cornwall’s special weather or Covid could deflect them!” exclaims Keith. “What was also clear to both parties was that with a 30 year old, weather-affected site, where we were removing much original equipment, we would encounter all sorts of odd problems such as how to ‘lose’ the old circular stairwell. It is clear that I wouldn’t be writing this review if it had gone badly!”

 It’s clear to see then that Philip Whear went the extra mile, and as Keith tells us: “We had a variety of staff on site for over four months, and they remained considerate, trustworthy, exceptionally helpful and pleasant to have around. Despite all the inevitable site problems, we finished on time, on budget, and friends! I’ve been in the construction industry for many years, and there are few companies of whom I can
say that.”

You can see more examples of the work that the Philip Whear team are proud to be a part of by visiting the website. Better still, if you’ve been considering a project like Sarah and Keith’s for your own home and are looking for a company that can professionally bring your dream to life, no matter how tricky the job, then be sure to get in touch.


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