Cornwall LivingIssue #107

The inside scoop

A creamy plant-based ice cream for the conscious consumer gets an exciting new rebrand and set of flavours.

Here at Cornwall Living, we can’t think of anything nicer than enjoying a delicious ice-cream by the beach. However, traditional dairy ice-cream is not for everyone. With food intolerances and plant-based diets coming to the fore, we were delighted to find a non-dairy alternative that not only tastes amazing, but is made right here in Cornwall.

Coconuts Organic was founded in 2015 by Cecily Mills, a BBC Dragon’s Den winner and former senior manager for Marks and Spencers. Adopting a plant-based diet herself, Cecily set out on a mission to replicate the smooth, creamy luxurious taste of dairy ice cream, but in a natural, vegan-friendly version. Following a move back to her native Cornwall, and alongside having two daughters, Cecily set about making her passion for ice cream her full-time career.

Six very successful years later, having recently closed a third equity crowdfunding round early on due to exceptional demand, the company is undergoing an exciting new rebrand ahead of some tasty new product development. Cecily’s, as the company will now be called, has designed their new packs to make more of their Cornish heritage and to reflect the fact that they are a female-founded company. “Our office is five minutes from the beach. We love living here in Cornwall, and very much see it as the spiritual home of ice cream. We’re proud to be taking Cornish ice cream into the 21st century by using sustainable, plant-based ingredients combined with the expertise of generations of Cornish ice cream makers to produce the creamiest non-dairy ice cream around,” explains Cecily. 

With over a quarter of a million scoops sold this year and the winner of seven Great Taste Awards, the company is clearly doing something right. Cecily’s range is perfect for everyone, from flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans to anyone looking for simple ways to reduce their intake of dairy and animal products. “It was always really important for me to make an ice cream that was just as close to traditional, home-made dairy ice cream as it could be, but with plant-based ingredients. Cecily’s is a totally natural ice cream made in small batches, with ingredients you can buy in your local health food shop,” adds Cecily. We can’t wait to go and grab ourselves a scoop now…which flavour will be your favourite?


Did you know?

Cecily’s is available in a range of different flavours, including the much-loved Mint Choc. Other flavours include Chocolate Orange Swirl, Double Caramel, Creamy Coconut, Pure Chocolate, Pure Caramel and Rum in Raisin. Why not try with your favourite pancakes and some fresh fruit for a tasty dessert?


Discover More

Cecily’s is available from Marks and Spencers, Ocado and online at, as well as other independent retailers.



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