Cornwall LivingAutumn 2020

The perfect cup

Cornish Tea & Coffee has never been a company to rest on its laurels, testament to which is its latest release of innovative products.

Cornish Tea & Coffee owner, Duncan Bond and his team have been working with a leading design company to come up with an exciting new product for Cornish coffee aficionados – the Bond Espresso. With a brief of a simple classic design, between them, they have produced an exciting new espresso machine with an impressive range of features.

Among a host of technical features that promise to deliver the most flavoursome coffee, the new Bond Espresso boasts Auto Clean – a simple process to keep the machine running at peak condition – as well as Steam Control (ensuring the perfect milk froth) and Eco Mode, which keeps power consumption to a minimum and ultimately saves money and the environment.

Duncan and the team have been heavily involved in the design process from an early stage, ensuring the machine ticks every box when it comes to producing the finest possible coffee. Available to rent, buy, or free on loan, the Bond Espresso is perfect for the home connoisseur or discerning business.

Being a 100% owned family business is incredibly important to Duncan. “It means that we can do things differently, and think differently. It’s an incredibly rewarding and fun business to work in; we don’t answer to shareholders or the banks, so we can react quickly to what our customers want and need, and that’s important!”

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that a new espresso machine is not the only new product being unveiled by Duncan and co. The business has also launched its brand new packaged Teas and Tisanes – a total of 13 different varieties, all of which are organic, made right here in Cornwall, and completely plastic free! This makes Cornish Tea & Coffee the only family run business in Cornwall producing tea and coffee in Cornwall. What’s more, Duncan recently returned from Italy, where he managed to secure the distribution of Cararro coffee – yet another exciting addition to the already impressive Cornish Tea & Coffee offering.

“Giving customers the availability of different brand styles and coffee types is always going to be an important factor in looking after their needs,” continues Duncan. “With a team of engineers, barista trainers and account managers, we offer unrivalled customer service with an ever growing list of products.”And be sure to check back next month, because sure enough, Duncan finishes: “We’ll be unveiling our new realease of loose leaf teas!”



This month, we’re offering you the chance to win two months’ free rental of a brand new Bond Espresso machine, including professional home tuition on making the ultimate home brew! Head to to find out more.


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