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The power of the oar

John Bray Cornish Holidays raise over £1,000 for Port Isaac Harbour repairs.

On Tuesday 12th April, the John Bray Cornish Holidays Rowing Challenge took place to raise money for the Port Isaac breakwater repairs.

A total of 29 rowers, including John Bray Cornish Holidays team members from both Rock and Port Isaac offices, as well as volunteers from the local community, each took it in turns on the two rowing machines. They completed the gruelling challenge, collectively rowing 164km – the equivalent distance of Land’s End to Port Isaac – in just nine hours!

The two rowing machines, kindly lent by St Breock Primary School, were set up outside of the John Bray Cornish Holidays Port Isaac office, where passers-by were able to watch the progress of the challenge, volunteer to take part, and make donations. Every rower was treated to mini eggs, whilst each child was gifted a windmill.

Jess Holman, General Manager, says: “With ages ranging from 7-70+, rowing anywhere from 1km to 10km, there really were rowers of all abilities. We had no shortage of volunteers – local people were delighted to come together to raise money for the harbour, boost awareness of the cause, and to have fun!”

Penny Bolton, Owner Relations Manager, says: “It was a wonderful event, with the whole community coming together to support us and help us reach the distance. The giant map displaying landmarks along the coast, complete with a moveable rowing boat, certainly helped to show passers by our progress – plus it enabled us to see how close we were to reaching our distance, spurring us on! It was well worth the sore legs, knowing we have made a difference and raised some valuable funds.”

Pledges on the JustGiving page and donations given on the day total over £1,000, which will go directly to the Port Isaac Harbour Commissioners to support them with their harbour repairs.