Cornwall LivingIssue #145

The Power of the Sun

A new commercial solar PV system installation for Dales Cornwall by GreenGenUK, shows a combined commitment to clean energy and eco-friendly practices.

With over a decade of expertise in renewable energy installations, GreenGenUK has successfully implemented thousands of projects. While we often report on their domestic clients, their commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable commercial solutions has made them a trusted name in the renewable industry. A recent installation at Dales Cornwall’s, Scorrier, saw the installation of 245 JA Solar 410w modules working seamlessly with three Solis 3-phase inverters, a Solis Export Manager, and a Renusol Metasol mounting system. While this configuration may sound something of a mouthful, the bottom line is that this system was designed for optimal energy production and efficiency, as well as providing robust warranty and back-up guarantees (such as a 25-year salt air resistance promise) that installations in Cornwall require.

The environmental impact and energy generation has been nothing short of impressive: the newly installed solar system is projected to generate nearly 100,000 kWh of clean energy annually. This not only translates to a significant reduction in electricity bills for Dales Cornwall but also contributes to an annual offset of a staggering 30+ tonnes of CO2 emissions. GreenGenUK was able complete the planned installation over just a two-week period, co-ordinating scaffold and material delivery, installation and commissioning, all without hindering their client’s day-to-day operations.

With the export manager in place, real-time performance monitoring is achieved via an online platform, allowing not only visibility of how much the solar system is generating, but also how much the building is using from both the solar and grid, giving a total benefit of the system. In the first six months of operation, the system produced almost 10% more than predicted, with over 70% being consumed directly on-site. These accurate readings will be used in the future to determine the viability of energy storage systems and other devices to further enhance this commercial solar system.

If this all sounds too good to be true and you’re in Cornwall or Devon, we highly recommend booking a survey to discover how your property could harness the power of the sun today, for a greener tomorrow.


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