Cornwall LivingIssue #85

The recumbent revolution

You may have seen them from time to time in Falmouth, whizzing past and leaving you thinking ‘what’s that?’ Chances are it’s an ICE trike.

We catch up with Phil, from ICE’s Design and Marketing team, to find out more about the world of recumbent cycling. ICE has led the trike industry since 1999, making, designing, and pioneering in Falmouth, Cornwall most of what you’ll see in today’s recumbent industry. But why ride recumbent trikes? Well, Phil explains,

“They are a relaxed, efficient, stable, fun and very comfortable way to cycle!”

“Riding a trike, for someone who has not ridden a bike or thought they never could again, can really change their lives. In fact, some test riders get quite emotional when they realise they can ride again. New riders always return from a test ride with a huge smile on their face.”

With a trike, Phil continues: “There’s less impact on your neck, back, shoulders and, most importantly, your bottom, as there is no narrow saddle involved. On a regular bike you need padded shorts, gel seats and you’ll still end up walking like a cowboy at the end of your ride! Not so with our trikes.” Trikes are great for physical fitness and injury rehabilitation too, and are adaptable for any number of uses, whether you’re going on a touring adventure, an expedition, even commuting!

Since 1999, ICE has made its mark around the world with a range of trikes catering to different riders’ needs. Phil elaborates: “Some trikes are very quick, sporty and race orientated, ideal for the road bike riders who want something different but fast. We also have other sports touring models, for those who still want to cruise the open road but are in search of practicality, features and comfort.”

He points us to the Sprint X Tour model, which, with its sporty ride, comfort and medium height seat position, is incredibly versatile. Indeed, whether you’re carving bends, pushing your speed, or on a long distance tour, the Sprint X Tour is one for all seasons.

Then there are ICE’s Adventure touring trikes. These, Phil tells us, are still sporty, but offer more of an upright seating position, making them a great choice for long distance cycle touring. The Adventure model combines rugged looks with unrivalled practicality and comfort, and it’s primed for cruising the open road, discovering hidden trails and, as Phil puts it, “exploring new horizons.” If you’re hoping to explore Cornwall’s country roads during a weekend ride, with a rider weight limit of 150kg, the Adventure is for you.

Next we have the ‘Full Fat’ – ICE’s expedition level, off-road, ‘go anywhere’ trike. This is where things get really interesting (as if they weren’t already!); when we say ‘go anywhere’, we really mean it. In fact, in 2013, Maria Leijerstam on a Full Fat trike became the first person in the world to cycle to the South Pole from the edge of Antarctica, covering over 600km! The record still stands today. Five years later in 2018, with the help of ICE, Natalie Wilson triked over 5,000 miles around Britain to raise awareness of Ehlers Danlos Syndromes, while Tanya Noble, who had never ridden a trike before, took the ‘Island Hopping Mad’ trike adventure around the UK’s 26 islands, covering more than 750 miles in 42 days and raising funds for Mind UK. Not to mention that in the same year ICE’s VTX Race Trike became the fastest in the world, winning the Human Powered Vehicle championships in Kent!

There are six models in the ICE range, covering a whole spectrum of cycling requirements. Recumbent cycling is becoming more popular all the time, particularly in the USA, Canada and Europe, where people are realising the simple comfort and easy ride that comes with a trike. So if you’d like to join the ranks of recumbent cyclists and make the most of your favourite Cornish trails on three wheels, be sure to contact the team at ICE and book yourself in for a test ride.



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“They are a relaxed, efficient, stable, fun and very comfortable way to cycle!"