Cornwall LivingIssue #108

The smart choice

We ask Owen Skinner, founder of Intelligent Installations, why Cornish property owners should consider smart-home technologies.

Bringing to Cornwall a wealth of experience and an in-depth understanding of his field, Owen Skinner, founder and Director of Intelligent Installations, is an authority when it comes to ‘smart home’ technology. But what exactly does this term mean?

In essence, a smart home is one that incorporates high-end equipment in order to make it easier to use than a normal house. Often, this equipment is controllable from one simple app, on in-wall iPads or touch screens. It can be used to control your lighting, heating, audio-visual equipment, security and CCTV, but the real trick, according to Owen, is making the technology disappear.

Fortunately, he and his team share a passion for enhancing the user experience, and whether it’s for a home or business, their aim is always to install products that are unique to the industry, making the finished result not only easy to use, but an unobtrusive joy that becomes the centrepiece of most properties. Handling every aspect of your smart home installation, including commercial grade WiFi and IT (where required), Owen explains: “Our ethos is to ensure that each home system is simple and fun for everybody to use.”

Whether it’s being able to quickly and easily recall a complex set of lighting levels throughout your property, or swapping multiple home cinema controls for one easy-to-use tablet with a beautiful colour touch screen, the benefits of smart home technology are easy to envisage. For holiday home owners, there is the added perk of peace of mind – the ability to ‘check in’ on your property from anywhere in the world, not only to check that guests are happy, but to ensure that the heating is on and that all systems are working as they should be. What’s more, a fully functional smart home is sure to tempt more bookings throughout the year, from families keen to stay in the very best contemporary accommodation!

With a world of technology at his fingertips, and a team that’s happy to help with projects of all sizes, be it fitting a new cinema room or modernising your business workplace, if you’d like to find out more, then be sure to contact Owen at Intelligent Installations.


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