Cornwall LivingIssue #116

The ulti-mutt dog walk

Being prepared for your dog walk means both you and your pooch will get the most out of your time together in the great outdoors.

Your daily dog walk should be  relaxing and enjoyable for both of you. This is a great bonding opportunity between you and your dog as well as being the ideal time for your pooch to meet and greet some new furry friends. With the help of Slickers Doghouse, Cornwall’s premier canine store, here are our top three accessories that will take your dog walk to the next level.

Under control

It’s good practice to always ask your dog to sit before you attach the leash to his collar. You may have to be patient, but it’s a great self-control exercise that teaches your dog that good things come when he is calm. For owner comfort the Zero Shock Dog lead combines ultimate comfort and control. If you prefer a harness, then Ezydog’s range are strong and durable.

Scooping the poop

Being a responsible dog owner means picking up that poop. With sustainability in mind, Beco’s poo bags are made from eco-friendly and compostable materials, meaning that they break down quickly. Add a Beco Poop Pocket, which attaches to your lead and you’ll never be caught short. If your walk takes you off the beaten track, then a Dickie Bag makes transportation secure and odour free until the next dog bin.

Ruff and Tumble Drying Coat

Both practical and stylish, these beautiful coats are made from double thickness, 100% cotton toweling, meaning that even the hairiest hound will be warm in dry in just half an hour! Catching all the shake off to keep your home and car splatter free, it’s unsurprising that the Ruff and Tumble Drying Coat was a winner at the BBC’s Customer is Always Right Awards!


Slickers Doghouse