Cornwall LivingIssue #110

The ultimate home upgrade

Discover how OPC Energy Ltd. can save you money whilst future-proofing your home and reducing its carbon footprint.

When looking at ways in which we can renovate our homes for the better, whether it be aesthetically, financially or environmentally, considering the installation of renewable energy technologies to heat and/or power our homes is essential. Not only do these technologies dramatically reduce our carbon footprint but they also prepare our properties for the future, helping them comply with prospect government regulations, and additionally, help us to save on energy bills.

Renewable energy is naturally replenished due to environmental factors and provides an inexhaustible supply of energy all year round. By using renewable energy, we avoid the burning of fossil fuels, which dramatically lowers your home’s carbon emissions.

With individuals throughout the UK spending 90% of their time indoors, and heating being one of the leading contributors of carbon emissions, which is massively contributing towards global warming, looking to decarbonise our homes’ heating systems is evidently of importance.

Renewable energy heating systems have many advantages. They are an exceptionally effective way to provide your heating and hot water requirements all year round, regardless of the season or time of day, and significantly advance your energy efficiency rates between A++ to A+++. By being highly energy efficient and requiring low maintenance, you can also save hundreds of pounds annually compared to your standard heating systems. Furthermore, with a well-designed installation, renewable heating systems make for a great investment when it comes to home improvements as they can increase the value of your property.

Overall, by upgrading our homes’ current heating systems to that of renewable energy, not only do we effortlessly contribute towards the lowering of the countries carbon emissions, we also expose ourselves to a remarkably endless list of positive advantages.

The transition from traditional energy sources like coal and natural gas are key to combating the decarbonisation of heat, and so if you’re looking for a tried and trusted expert in renewable energy, one with years of experience, and with access to the industry’s best available technology, look no further. OPC Energy Ltd. was established in 2012 by managing director Gary Salter, who has worked in the renewable industry since 2006. An early adopter of new technologies and renewable energy, Gary is a true innovator at heart, and has built a company of which the sole motivation is improving the energy efficiencies of homes and businesses throughout the UK.

But with a number of renewable energy companies available, why choose OPC? “Our commitment is to provide our valued clients with the best eco-friendly solutions. We love doing what we do, and our teams consist of friendly industry experts, so when you work with us, you’ll feel like part of the family,” says Gary

With full accreditation and compliance with all industry standards, the company has worked closely with countless homeowners, architects, developers and housing associations across the UK, and now, it brings this wealth of experience to the very heart of the South West. Based in Scorrier, OPC Energy’s newest office is in prime position in order to cater to the whole of the south west of England. With more interest than ever from home and business owners who are looking to future-proof their properties, without compromising on any aspect of their lifestyle, it could not have opened at a better time. If your home improvement goal is to ensure your home is playing its part in the fight for a cleaner future, then be sure to give OPC Energy Ltd. a call.


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