Cornwall LivingIssue #141

Time for a change

GreenGenUK’s Neil Rollinson explains why now is the perfect time to replace our heating systems.

While energy prices are still an uncertainty for many of us, the switch to air-source heating seems to be on the rise. We speak with Neil Rollinson of GreenGenUK to find out why there is no better time than now to make the change, following recent changes to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS).

The scheme, which provides a subsidy for heat pump installations, has just increased the grant by 50%, just in time for winter, as Neil explains: “The announcement that the BUS is being increased from £5,000 to £7,500 is great news for customers and the industry. The increased voucher amounts really bring the costs of installing an air-source heat pump in line with the costs of installing oil or gas. With lower running costs, lower carbon emissions and a comfier way of heating your home, it’s hard to argue against installing a heat pump now.” The BUS offers a £7,500 lump sum towards the cost of installation, providing up-front funding to homeowners looking to install renewable heating.

Air-source heat pumps completely replace the original system, supplying all of a property’s heating and hot water. When running with radiators, modern heat pumps installed by GreenGenUK achieve in excess of 400% efficiency. This makes them very affordable to run while creating a carbon saving of several tonnes a year. On top of this, your property will avoid high and low temperatures while creating a more comfortable living environment that is better for its fabric.

Neil, who’s worked with GreenGenUK for over a decade, explains: “As far as renewable subsidies go, the BUS scheme is one of the easiest to access. You need to install through an MCS-approved company (like us) but most homes will meet the scheme’s criteria without any changes. GreenGenUK deals with the applications on behalf of our customers and the £7,500 is deducted from the customer’s costs. We offer free advice on all of this and quotes to match. For anybody whose heating system needs replacing or modernising, or for anyone building their own home, air-source heating could now be the most cost-effective heating system
to install.

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