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Time you can afford

According to Hot Tub Help, owning your own hot tub is an investment in quality time, one that can actually be surprisingly affordable!

In a world that’s constantly being stoked by news outlets and social media looking for that sensational new angle to sell stories, wouldn’t it be lovely to find a quiet corner and have some quality sensory deprivation? This is the question that Jon Pennington, founder of Hot Tub Help, poses to us. And he has a point. Every now and then we all need to escape the noise and find a way to relax. More importantly, it’s easy to forget the value of spending quality time together – away from screens and social media, completely unplugged.

This is where hot tubs come in, and the first thing to say is that hot tubs are an investment in such quality time. Whether you want to connect with your kids, enjoy some time just the two of you, or simply spend a few moments away from the world, says Jon: “Buy a hot tub! You would be amazed how sitting in a tub of hot bubbly water can soothe the soul.”

“Disclaimer! We don’t sell hot tubs, we just fix them,” Jon continues, “but we can give you plenty of tips on how to run one so it doesn’t cost you a fortune.”

The first thing to ask yourself is how much insulation does your hot tub have? “Insulation and keeping your hot tub up to temperature is the number one tip for saving on electricity and keeping costs down,” says Jon.

“The second is to ask yourself whether you need a yearly service, or whether you can just look inside? A bit like checking under the bonnet of your car before a long journey, shine a torch around, catch the faults before they happen and save money!”

Tip number three, is the use of vinyl cleaner. By cleaning your hot tub cover and generally looking after it, you will save money. Jon suggests something that has UV protection, water proofing and a moisturiser to feed the cover to stop it drying out. A well-maintained hot tub cover will make your hot tub look like new, and when you consider the cost of a new cover – “they cost £350 upwards,” says Jon – it makes sense to look after yours!

In short, hot tubs are an investment in time spent together, and in order to protect that investment and minimise on costs, a stitch in time really does save nine! That said, if you’re unsure, it always makes sense to consult the professionals, so be sure to contact Jon and the team at Hot Tub Help, experts when it comes to fixing hot tubs in Cornwall.

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