Cornwall LivingIssue #122

To be treasured

We explore what has made Porthleven’s The Jewellery Workshop so successful over the last ten years.

As The Jewellery Workshop in Porthleven celebrates a decade spent on the popular fishing port’s harbourside, we wonder what it is exactly that has made this emporium of adornments so popular among locals and visitors alike over the course of ten years.

The first thing to mention is that Clair and Paul’s reputation around Cornwall is undeniable. They are known throughout the county for crafting beautiful, bespoke pieces of jewellery, bringing designs to life that are each as unique as the customers who commission them. Having now been joined by their son David, they are extremely passionate about what they do, believing that jewellery is so much more than precious stones and metals. In fact, the workshop is underpinned by the understanding that jewellery can be bought, or commissioned, for any number of reasons. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, or the reimagining of a family heirloom to create something that suits the latest beneficiary, they can help, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re remodelling, resizing, recycling or re-designing, they promise to make your experience one that’s both personal and exciting.

“Having someone take the time to understand what you are looking for is just as important as the making, here at The Jewellery Workshop,” says Paul. “Along with helping customers find new or preloved jewellery, we also love creating unique pieces from family heirlooms – it’s just a lovely way of creating individual pieces that people will cherish for a lifetime.”

It’s no surprise then that visitors to Porthleven return to the workshop year after year, in search of the next exciting jewellery piece. Many of them bring with them diamonds and opals, while others come hoping to source the perfect stones to match the design they have in their mind’s eye. Whatever it might be, Clair and Paul have the expertise required to bring those designs to life. “Each family heirloom that we see is endowed with its own emotional values and sentiments, and holds a story that’s led us to this moment,” says Claire. “Every step of the journey is unique to the customer and it’s such a joy to be a part of it.”


The jewellery workshop